Holiday Gift Guide 2022- Upgrading the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide 2022- Upgrading the Holidays

Holidays are a time of year I look forward to most because I get to spend it with all the people I care about and upgrades. I can think of two people without question I want to upgrade to upgrade this holiday!

Little tech boy

My son has been so good this year. Yeah, yeah everyone says this about their kid but mine is the best. He tries so hard at school and is a good team player. He has been asking for more games. I want to make sure that the games he is playing are age appropriate. I want him to have fun freely but still know what he is doing while he is. We have talked about possibly getting him a tablet so he can take it with us on long drives to see family. We have decided on an iPad. After reviewing Apple’s parental controls we were sold.

So I was looking for the best deals because I can’t see spending 300-400 on just an iPad for my 7-year-old. I ended up finding a deal I couldn't pass up for $209.99! We were able to get him the entire set-up!

Bundle up this Holiday Season

I can hardly believe the setup they have! So it starts with the iPad. This 6th generation iPad with a 10” screen will be perfect to watch videos or play games on. Then they paired the iPad with the super durable bumper case with a built-in screen protector to keep it safe. Best of all they have it in, what my son would call, “Spiderman red!”. This will be huge because red is his favorite color! Following the thumbs-up kickstand shockproof case there is my personal favorite, Earpods! I like that they will allow him to enjoy all the sounds his games and videos make all by himself. Best of all, his iPad has a 12-month warranty for FREE!

Second on the list but low-key number one

The next person on my list is Mom. She’s always there for everyone, especially during the holiday. I swear she does the most during the holidays. Like she’s worked in the big guy's workshop. I may not have always shown her how much I appreciated what she did for us, but this year I’m going to show her how much I appreciate it now.

After I found my son’s bundle I stumbled across something I think Mom would love to find under the tree. This gift may not take up the most room but this gift will make a huge difference in her day, every day. The AirPods (3rd gen) are the perfect gift! My Mom works as an account manager with her firm, so she is on the phone all day every day. I know holding the phone with her shoulder kills her neck or she has to hold the phone during long calls.

She works so hard to make the holidays special, I really hope this holiday gift will make her whole year a little easier.

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