Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Season of Giving, Savings, and TECH!

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Season of Giving, Savings, and TECH!

This year is the year of giving! Remembering that we gotta be thankful for all the good life has given us! This is also the year of TECH!  And there are a few people that instantly come to mind that I would like to pay a special thank you to this year.

Best tech for the BIG Apple

There is someone everyone has that they couldn't imagine the world without, mine is my bestie Rea! She lives in the Big Apple. This year she has been busy doing interior design and upcycling old furniture found on-site! She would love to get a newer iPad. She tries to keep up but her 5th generation iPad has been through the wringer!

So this year I'm surprising her with this awesome holiday pack I found on the plug tech app! She would go bananas for this Apple bundle, iPad 9th gen, and iPencil! I know this would definitely help her with work and in her free time with new design ideas! I can't believe this deal! Only $379.99 for both!! Thank you plug tech for making the giving season so easy with these great deals.

Protect their device for them

We all have a creator, at least I do. My little sister Janay. I can’t tell you how many new projects my sister has started over the years. This got me thinking about what I would get her this year. After I found the perfect gift for my best friend Rea, I found a few things to fill my baby sister's stocking this year I think she’ll love!

My sister loves posting all of her new makeup do’s and do not’s on TikTok. They’re pretty funny sometimes. So I ordered her this awesome ring light case for her iPhone 12 Pro Max! This will help her get the best lighting all the time! Also, I found a great screen protector and iPhone cable pack!

Do, Re, ME!

The biggest thank you that is needed this year is to me! I’m sorry for doing things the hard way, making all those wrong turns, and for everything in between.

So my thank you to me will be something that I can use at work, the gym, or the train. I love listening to music or audiobooks as I go through the day. I have chosen the AirPods Max!

Getting the best sound and I love the studio vibes these have!! They are also in my favorite color, BLUE!

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