Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Paying it back 🎁

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Paying it back 🎁

The holiday season has become such a crucial time for me over the years. I guess a lot of people feel this way at some point. You no longer have the family there when you wake up on that special morning and there is not enough time to catch up with everyone who is there to celebrate with you before defaulting back to the grind of Mon-Fri.

Remembering this all year

When I think of giving back, I instantly think of my parents. They have been there for me no matter what has happened. My mom has the patience of a saint some days I swear. On top of being a mother of four, she is also a teacher. She has not asked for anything but I want to show Mom how much I appreciate what she does for all of us year-round.

So what I was thinking was getting her set up with an Apple watch! She would go crazy for a pink watch so I chose the Apple watch SE 44 mm! Having this will allow her to stay updated with important messages with being discrete enough for class. I also got her an Apple home-pod mini.

When she’s home she loves to cook! With this, she will be able to play her music and ask Siri for help when she needs it. As I was wrapping up my order I came across the best gift for my dad. My dad has 3 things he really likes to do, talking to people, listening to his music, and working out.

The AirPod Pros I picked out for him will be perfect! This way no matter what he will be able to talk to his heart's content without interrupting what he is doing and listen to his music during workouts without missing a rep.

The real gift

I know I’m going to sound corny saying this but vibe with me for a second. This is not just a present for my mom and dad. I did not do this because they asked for something or their devices aren’t working. I did this so that they smile a little bit more next year. Adding these devices to their lives will make the day-to-day easier, and I know my parents will think of me off and on while using their new gadgets when I can’t be there. Thank you for making this an easier season to pay it back with awesome savings and for offering a payment plan through Klarna to make this a no-brainer purchase for the holidays!

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