iPhone 11 Pro Review - Why people are raving

iPhone 11 pro review: How much is it worth today?

When changing smartphones, the best choice is to opt for a refurbished iPhone. These smartphones are fully functional with fewer costs. Are you thinking of switching to iPhone 11 Pro? Then you can grab the best iPhone 11 pro just like new in minimal price deals at the plug.tech. Now let's find how much iPhone 11 pro actual worth is:

iPhone 11 Pro specifications

Launched on 10th September 2019, it comes with a 5.80 screen size. The OLED display with 1125*2436 pixels' resolution exhibits a perfect display. It weighs 188 grams with a powerful 3046 mAH battery capacity in four color variants: gold, midnight green, silver, and green. Big three 12 MP cameras at the rear and a single 12 MP at the front makes it a perfect choice.

How much it costs – Pricing         

In pricing can be slight changes depending on colors and storage. But you can grab the new iPhone 11 pro (64 Gb) for USD 999. Today the best option is to opt for a refurbished iPhone 11 pro as it costs fewer bucks and delivers the same value of money as a new one.

How long it lasts - battery life and charging

iPhone 11 Pro has an average of 10 hours of battery life. It lasts four hours longer than iPhone XS and five hours longer than XS Max. So we can consider this a big-big improvement. Compared to 11 pro max, it is compact and has a 3046mAH battery, but it still has a major difference in timings. And you can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes with an 18-watt fast charger.

Design and display

It was a huge turn for the iPhone 11 Pro design and display! A third camera is added on the rear; those protruding lenses make an audacious statement. The back is a matte finish making it more robust, less slippery, and easier to grip. You can put it in water up to 4 meters for 30 minutes, and the design is less slippery and more compactable than other smartphones.

The OELD display is bright and charming. You can easily use its display even in direct sunlight. The contrast levels and brightness makes it more impressive. 

Big of all – camera

The iPhone 11 pro camera is fabulous, with three big lenses installed in its rear at the left side. The three lenses are regular, with 12 megapixels, telephoto (2x), and an ultra-wide-angle (0.6 wide) lens. The wide-angle sensor has 100% focus pixels. No need for adjustment to get depth effect in portraits as it is more accurate. The iPhone camera quality deteriorates when it comes to low light. There is some noisy stuff when clicking photos in the dark, but iPhone 11 pro has excellent low-light results. The night mode is a big update. So whether you are attending any party or an event inside, its low light performance will not disappoint you.

Powerful processor - improved performance

iPhone 11 pro has got superfast A13 Bionic processor. It is the fastest phone chip available as you can launch heavy apps quickly. It makes the overall working smooth, and data loads fast without lagging or any hitching. With face recognition, it is more secure and reliable. The durable glass with the superfast processor, OLED display, amazing photos quality, and long-lasting battery life makes it a perfect choice for Apple fans.

Where does this beast lack?

There aren't any significant issues with iPhone 11 pro that will restrain you from buying it. Still, to consider, 

  • Wireless charging isn't available: with fast 18w chargers, not a problem. 
  • Sorry! No 5G: But the speed never disappoints. 
  • No USB-C port: Is that an issue today?

Is my iPhone 11 pro unbreakable?

Well, the answer is yes and no, isn't it confusing? iPhone 11 Pro has a stainless steel band and matte glass at its back to make it durable, not indestructible. So yes, iPhone 11 pro can break.

Is iPhone 11 pro waterproof?

No! iPhone 11 pro resists water, but it's not waterproof. Yet you can submerge it in water for 30 minutes at 4 meters’ depth.

Put some cool stuff in photography.

If you love taking aesthetic photos and photography right on your palm, iPhone 11 pro is the best choice. You won't get this outclass result with iPhone XR or lower models. Its new Ultra wide-angle camera fits the full-frame view. The vibrant colors bring that 'Oh Wao' moment. Deep fusion allows you to remove noise and make your photo sharper. Don't confuse iPhone 11 pro automatically does this for you.

What to buy: refurbished vs. new iPhone?

The hottest yet sweet question is a bit confusing so let's get straight to the solution. Buying a new iPhone 11 Pro will cost you more bucks than a refurbished or used one. But that's not all! The refurbished smartphone saves your budget coins while delivering the same features as a brand new iPhone.

The best approach is to find an authentic refurbished iPhones reseller. That's what makes plug.tech a final stop for you. Here you can grab the best deals for your favorite refurbished iPhone models that function just like a new one. 

iPhone 11 pro review – Final Verdict

Well! Now it's your call for iPhone 11 pro. Situations may vary, like if you are looking for a killer camera, then get it now instead. If you are using an iPhone just for calls, it is ok to move on with the model you already have. And the best aspect is you can grab the finest deals on refurbished iPhone 11 with plug.tech today!

The long talk time with evergreen battery, most pleasing display, and robust performance iPhone 11 pro delivers a great value for the money spent. The user reviews make refurbished iPhone 11 pro best smartphone deals among market rivals. You can share How much you think is iPhone 11 pro worth today in the comments section.