Seven reasons you shouldn't Buy a New iPhone

Seven reasons you shouldn't Buy a New iPhone

Seven reasons you shouldn't Buy a New iPhone

If you are looking to buy a new iPhone because you want the latest, this blog post is for you. Here we will uncover the right way to upgrade your iPhone on time. However, remember to upgrade you shouldn't buy a new iPhone. This article will provide seven reasons why buying a new iPhone may not be the best option for everyone.

Should I buy a new or refurbished iPhone?

Maybe your iPhone is a bit outdated, or you can't customize the look of your phone. And the battery life isn't as long as other iPhones on the market, but it's expensive to buy an iPhone. Especially if you need a data plan too. So should you upgrade with a used or new iPhone? Let's find out:

Save your earth for a better environment.

New iPhones are nice and all, but you wouldn't believe how much pollution they create. The longer we hold on to our devices, the better for the environment! To save your earth for a better environment, upgrade your model with refurbished iPhones.

You grab the lock to corporate pollution with your buying decision. Now it's time to change the traditionally used ways for our green earth. IPhones manufacturing requires materials and emits waste. For it, the required energy is like a decade's use of a smartphone. So getting a refurbished iPhone is also a better choice for a better environment.    

Cut your costs with a refurbished iPhone.

You love your phone, but it's time to buy a new one. The latest phone from Apple may be at the top of its class—and that is no understatement! But as much as you want it, there are some things you should know.

The refurbished iPhones are fully functional and less expensive when the costs are compared with the new ones. You still get to enjoy all apple apps and services with reduced costs.

You can already enjoy the apple features.

If you have an older model, maybe it's not compatible with newer updates in terms of software or new features that come out for iPhones every year. Then it would be best if you upgraded to a suitable model.

Apple phones have incredible tech that offers more than most other smartphones. You already have FaceTime, iMessage, and AirDrop all available on your phone without having an upgrade or new purchase from them.

If your old iPhone needs up-gradation, refurbished iPhones are a better option as their features don't discriminate against whether you buy a used & refurbished iPhone. Furthermore, they will still give access to everything Apple has in store for us!

More variety and options to choose

You don't need a new iPhone when you can have a refurbished iPhone that works fine. With it, there is a variety to choose from refurbished iPhones.

You have got many iPhones for the exact model, and likewise, there are a variety of models and colors, giving a broad table of choice.

Apple rarely offers the best deals.

Too much of a hassle to switch from your old phone to the new one, so refurbished iPhones are a better option unless you get a jaw-dropping deal.

Apple's iPhones are known for their high price, as normal iPhone retails at about 1k with taxes and fees included. However, even when they offer significant discounts like Black Friday, no other smartphone manufacturer can beat its asking prices.

The best priority is a refurbished iPhone unless you get a jaw-dropping deal for a new iPhone, but that's rare.

Refurbished iPhones can be much better than new ones.

Some people call it the end of Apple, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The company has released its newest models and is still highly successful in sales numbers and customer loyalty.

But there are too many bugs for a new phone. Apple has been notorious for not releasing information on how long their products last before they start breaking down. So it means you're putting yourself at risk by buying something without knowing how long it will last before needing repairs or being obsolete. So when it comes to choice the refurbished iPhones can be much better than the new ones.  

For those who want to upgrade their model or replace a damaged iPhone, you shouldn't Buy a New iPhone. Each new model dropped in price in the used iPhone market, so go ahead with a refurbished one with your purchase.

With trusted resellers, the iPhones are reliable.

Your current iPhone is still in good condition and working well enough for everyday use, so why bother getting the newest model if you don't need it or can afford it at the moment?

Manufacturers are less innovative than they used to be when it comes to refurbishing smartphones, with Apple's exception. However, as iPhones have been lasting longer and costing more, the market has changed drastically in recent years. Many companies now offer their products at lower prices through sales of refurbished hardware like iPhones or other Apple devices. With trusted sellers, the refurbished iPhones are reliable and safe, just like a new one.

The benefits of buying an old, used phone are many and vary. For example, you can save money on your monthly bill with cheaper service plans or reduce your data usage by using Wi-Fi more often. If you're concerned about reliability after purchasing, then trusted refurbished iPhones resellers are the most reliable.


For starters, when compared against the latest iPhone, they cost up to 80% less on average! Plus, iPhones have a notoriously short lifespan, so purchasing one that has been previously used will give you more life out of your purchase than an expensive new model would. And don't forget about all of the added features. 

Finally, even just because it's refurbished doesn't mean Apple won't offer some killer deals from time to time or provide even better customization options through their partners. We hope our post has given you food for thought and believe these seven reasons should know to decide between a new and purchased iPhone.

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