Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Top tech gift guide for her - Mom

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Top tech gift guide for her - Mom

My mom needs new tech!

I know a lot people say that but my mom is. All I wanted for holidays this year is to be able to make her day to day easier. Being a military wife, a mother of 8 and a grandmother she has her hands full. Last year my dad and I spend an arm and a leg on her new iPhone and iPad. If I had not found plug I can absolutely say I wouldn't be able to make my holiday wish come true they offer up to 40% in savings! Allowing me to save a little extra for other holiday expenses. So let me tell you what’s on her list!

Write down the savings with iPencil (Gen 2)

She loved her iPad so I thought it’d be best to start there. I want her to be able to enjoy creating her coloring pages and enjoy her free writing! So the first item on the list has to be the iPencil!

Magic of the Mouse “click click”

Another great addition is the Magic mouse. Filling out tedious Military questionnaires and other medical documents can be trouble with touchscreen alone so having this great wireless mouse to combat that would be a headache cure on its own!

Best deal on wireless headphone for Apple

Also with Dad being gone for a week or more at a time she wants to be sure to have a seamless conversation no matter what she is doing. Getting her these great Baseus Enock Wireless headphones would be a perfect fix!

Perfect Apple speaker for home

The final gift this holiday is her a HomePod mini. This would be great for her because her grandson loves listening to nature sounds. Now she just plays the sound on her phone but she cant use her phone until he falls asleep. Having the HomePod would allow her to enjoy when her grandson takes his naps listening to his nature sounds in his favorite color, orange, grandma has for him while she carries on texting all her kids.

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