Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Top tech gift guide for him (boyfriend or husband)

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Top tech gift guide for him (boyfriend or husband)

This holiday season it is my time to spoil my boyfriend with the things he really wants but won’t get for himself.

A little backstory on him; he is a full-time bank manager and runs his own business part time, he buys and flips storage units, like “Storage Wars”. He is in desperate need of an upgrade on his phone! He has a Samsung A31. It’s good little phone but he needs to have a good camera to take photos of inventory to post online, good processor to run multiple apps and a bigger screen!

My boyfriend needs a new phone

So I decided on getting him the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus With needing to be mobile I really think he would like a smart watch. When I wear mine he always comments how nice it is to see all my notifications while we’re working on a unit and that it tracks my physical activity. He also would need it to look professional.

The perfect Android smartwatch

He prefers a leather look to silicon, the Huawei Smart watch with a brown band and to sweet the deal it has up to a 2 week battery life. Too add to the fun new headphones are a must! When he works from home on the weekends it is so hard for him to cancel out the other sounds around him.

Best Wireless Headphones for Android

Getting him set up with the Samsung Buds 2 with noise cancelling will help him to be able to focus on his calls. The final gift is one we both will enjoy. With running a small business a great majority of our inventory is on our property.

Wireless Security for home 

So I’ve decided to get the add a Ring door bell to the list. Being able to have the notification that there is movement at our backdoor would be a great way to secure our investments. We absolutely love our hardwired Ring door bell for surveillance so having the flexibility of wireless for our second with a seamless add-on would be perfect!

Best deals and best savings in tech!

And to think if I bought everything brand-new I would have spent $1400 without getting protect but buying through plug allowed me the availability to purchase everything for a great price $805 and that's with protection on my phone and watch! If that was not already a spectacular deal they also gave me they availability to buy this in 4 easy payments with Klarna! Thank you plug for giving so many quality products to chose from at a killer price for the holiday!

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