Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Apple-y Holidays!

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Apple-y Holidays!

This year has been a rough one for everyone. With the holidays around the corner hopefully, that’ll turn around for most. It’s going to be nice to put smiles on a few people's faces this year. This year I want to show 3 people who stood by me this year a thank you.

Definitely made the nice list

The first on the holiday thank you list is my Mom. I have definitely given her a hard time in more than one way. She’s always there to answer her phone and talk me through a situation or sing whatever song is playing to make me smile.

This year I want to make sure mom is taken care of so I have found the perfect setup for her!

She will find her new Airpod Pros and iWatch SE. This way she can be in control of her music and know who's calling her no matter what she is doing! Thanks for putting up with me Mom!

Silence in the workplace

Next on the holiday list is my cousin. This guy is like my brother. He complains most days of a headache from work. At work, he is surrounded by sounds all day working in HVAC. He would love to silence himself in his work with noise-canceling headphones. So I found this great deal on Airpod Max in space gray! They look sharp as can be! I know this would help him during the day and make his nights more enjoyable without the headaches.

Pop the Champaign

We are at the end of the list. The last name the list reads is Dad. Just like Mom I have given him a hard time over the years. I especially give him a hard time when I see his phone. My old man is still rocking his iPhone 5. It has definitely seen brighter days lol. So to bring the light in I am getting him an iPhone XR. I know he will enjoy the bigger screen to type on and see pictures of friends as he scrolls through Facebook.

The workshop

Thank you plug for having all these great deals available for me this holiday season to show those who mean the most without spending the most!

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