[Hack Easily 2022] How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12?

[Hack Easily 2022] How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12?

[Hack Easily 2022] How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12? 

The iPhone 12 is a great phone, but one downside is that it doesn't have a dedicated battery percentage indicator. While some won't mind this, others might want to keep a closer eye on their battery life. Let's find how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12 :D

So, How To Show Battery Percentage On Iphone 12?

To see your leftover lifeblood in previous iOS versions, you enabled the battery percentage option. With the iPhone 12, battery life is a must-have feature. Now follow the simple steps:

  • From your friend screen, swipe up from the bottom right to open the iOS Control Center.
  • A battery icon on the top right corner of the screen shows you how much battery power you have left. Your iPhone 12 has a little more than this much battery left.
  • Once you are done, scroll down the control center at the top, and the battery percentage will be displayed.

Tip To Consider

Your assistant can check the battery percentage of your iPhone 12. For it, ask Siri, "What is the battery level? You know what to look for. Ask Siri on your iPhone, "Hey Siri, how much battery do I have left?"

Different Methods To Show Battery Percentage On Iphone 12

It's essential to keep an eye on battery life with any member of the iPhone 12 family, including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It's simple to see how much battery life is left, so make sure you're aware of the situation before leaving it plugged in! The hacks are here :D

Hack 1: Swipe Down To See Battery Percentage On Iphone 12

If you've got an iPhone 12, then the battery percentage will not be visible in the upper-right corner like it is on iPhones that don't have a notch. There's still a way to see a battery percentage, which involves opening Control Centre.

  • To find the battery percentage, touch the top left corner of the screen with your finger and swipe down.
  • Once Control Centre is open, you'll find the battery percentage right beside the battery icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can dismiss Control Centre by moving your finger upward. In this way, you can check your battery percentage any time you want.

Hack 2: Ask Siri To Show Battery Percentage On Iphone 12

Siri is Apple's digital assistant; it's pretty cool. If you like using Siri, you can easily ask it to ask about the remaining iPhone battery percentage.

  • Head to settings> Siri and turn on the Siri option called "Type to Siri and Listen
  • Say "Hey Siri" to launch the Siri.

Next, after that, you have to say any combination of words that initiates SIRI every time you ask for batter percentage

  • How's my battery holding up?
  • Battery percentage.
  • What's my iPhone battery?
  • Please tell me the correct charging of my iPhone.

And Siri will tell you the remaining battery.

Hack 3: Use Widget To See Battery Percentage On Iphone 12

Apple added a "battery widget" to the iPhone 12 operating system. You can place it on your home screen or the Today view page. It will let you know how long you have left in your battery.

  • Tap and hold on to the screen "empty" space between the icons and the dock until the icons flicker. If you're viewing an app on a tablet, tap when you see a "+" button.
  • A widget selection menu will appear. Select the "Batteries" widget, then drag it into place in the Today view or on a Home screen page. When you've finished, tap the little checkmark. 
    • Your iPhone will display your battery's percentage in big, bold numbers, making it easy to see exactly how much power you have left to go for that one last call.
  • The Battery widget displays the battery life of all your devices, such as the Apple Watch, AirPods, or iPhone. You can see the widget anytime by going back to the Today View or its home screen.

Final Words

So now you know the few ways to find the battery percentage on your iPhone 12. It includes in the Control Centre, asking Siri, or using the Battery widget. If you're unsure how much power you have left, check so you don't run out of juice at the wrong time.

Have you taken a bird's eye view of the new iPhone and tech deals on plug tech? Do you have any other tips on checking the battery life of the iPhone 12? Let us know in the comments below!

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