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plug is your connection to the latest tech, including iPhone Xr at incredible prices. Save money and shop confidently with our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Assurance, featuring plug’s unmatched one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.


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iPhone Xr + Airpods PackiPhone Xr + Airpods Pack
Sale price$269.99 Regular price$349.99
1019 reviews
iPhone Xr - Starter PackiPhone Xr - Starter Pack
Sale priceFrom $179.99 Regular price$349.99
1019 reviews

6 colors available

iPhone Xr Black 64GB (AT&T Only) - Plug.techiPhone Xr Black 64GB (AT&T Only) - Plug.tech
Sale priceFrom $159.99 Regular price$349.99
1019 reviews
iPhone Xr Black 64GB (Unlocked) - Plug.techiPhone Xr Black 64GB (Unlocked) - Plug.tech
Sale priceFrom $159.99 Regular price$349.99
1019 reviews

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Experience the brilliance of the iPhone XR without breaking the bank! Plug proudly presents the iPhone XR, a powerful device that delivers exceptional performance at an unbeatable value. Each iPhone XR available in our collection undergoes meticulous testing to ensure it meets our stringent standards, providing you with a top-notch smartphone experience.


Why Choose a Refurbished iPhone XR Over a New One

Unlock incredible savings while enjoying all the remarkable features of the iPhone XR by opting for a refurbished model from Plug. Our prices, typically 30-70% less than new devices, allow you to experience premium performance without the premium price. Make a sustainable choice by embracing a refurbished device, contributing to a greener planet while owning a high-quality iPhone XR.


Why Buy an iPhone XR from Plug

Plug stands as a reliable marketplace for premium refurbished goods, specializing in delivering quality reconditioned iPhones to our customers. Rest assured that all sellers on our platform meet rigorous criteria, ensuring that you receive the best iPhone XR experience possible. Your iPhone XR purchase is backed by our robust warranty, which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty, along with the convenience of free standard shipping for all orders.


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Ready to upgrade to the exceptional iPhone XR? Trade in your current device with Plug and step into a whole new world of smartphone capabilities. Our user-friendly trade-in process allows you to exchange your current phone for a certified pre-owned iPhone XR, offering both incredible value and a positive impact on the environment. Trade-in and elevate your tech experience with the remarkable iPhone XR from Plug today!


Other Models of iPhones to Consider

At Plug, our offerings extend beyond the iPhone XR. Discover an array of certified pre-owned Apple smartphones, including various iPhone models, in our collection. Whether you choose the iPhone 12 Pro or explore other options, our commitment to excellence and sustainability ensures you get a reliable iPhone that meets your needs. Elevate your tech experience with a refurbished iPhone XR from Plug!