Your Refurbished iPhones is saving the Planet

Your Refurbished iPhones is saving the Planet

Your refurbished iPhones is saving the planet.

Your refurbished iPhones are the 2022 best pudding. You might not have realized it, but your old iPhone is saving the planet. Today our disposable society has seen electronic products used on the rise: it's estimated that we dump over million tons of electronics each year. While disposing of is an easy alternative, this mindless behavior exposes our planet to great risks.

Due to the complexity of electronics production and the lack of awareness of its impact, only a little of all electronic equipment is recycled. The rest is thrown into landfills and incinerators, resulting in harmful greenhouse gas emissions and serious soil and water contamination. But your refurbished iPhone buying decision helps save the planet :D

You are part of the e-waste moment with Refurbished iPhones!

While many people are committed to recycling, the best way to go green is to refrain from buying new devices in the first place. In recent years, a new type of environmentalism has emerged: the e-waste movement. It promotes refashioning what is thrown away from technology into something new, and it's working. 

Consider the rise of refurbished iPhones: they're becoming more and more sustainable as time goes on. With your help, others will understand the impact of technology on our ecosystem. Refurbished iPhones are bringing new life to the old: all iPhone models are made from natural resources and recycled, just like your computers; for each upgrade, prefer a refurbished iPhone to save your money and the motherland planet.

6 Key Figures on how Refurbished iPhones help the planet :D

1.      Waste reduction:

Every full-sized iPhone has the potential to be recycled 7 times. That's a total of 14 smartphones or laptops! Given that one-third of tech items are lost or abandoned before being properly recycled, it's truly impressive that 60 percent of your electronics can be reused.

2.      Zero waste:

Though the world is far from achieving zero waste, it's important to realize that we can prevent a lot of environmental degradation if we start valuing our resources today. It might be a cliche, but it's true: less e-waste = less pollution. We throw away about 6 million iPhones per month (one for every four people).

3.      Refurbished gadgets:

No one has the right to deny a working smartphone to anyone who needs it. Did you know that 20 million used mobile phones are dumped in landfills almost every year? It's a tragic waste of resources that you can help prevent with your refurbished smartphones.

If we all bought refurbished devices, we would reduce e-waste and the energy used to produce new devices by 40 million tons per year: the equivalent of a third of the weight of all products. 

4.      Landfills:

One of the biggest trash problems globally is the growing number of landfills that accept electronics. We use a lot of hard-to-recycle materials that could be better used to build new things and, as chemicals degrade, they create toxic waste that negatively impacts human health. Electronics-waste is a major concern because of the harmful greenhouse gases and other pollutions coming from incinerators.

5.      Water pollution:

Electronics like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers cause significant water usage. Recycling these materials offers the possibility to cut water consumption by almost 60 percent.

According to the EPA, one laptop uses up to 190 gallons of water, while just 20 minutes of surfing on a tablet use 9.63 gallons of water. To dispose of your device, you must either replace it or send it for recycling. 

6.      GHG Emissions:

Electronic gadgets are a significant source of greenhouse gases (GHG). All the manufacturing processes to create a normal cell phone involve the emission of 10 kg of CO2. With so many people buying new devices regularly, the total can get up to 1.5 billion tons of GHG per year.

Refurbished iPhones are your contribution to help save the planet.

As a consumer, you can contribute to the fight against e-waste and help others understand the value of your product. Refurbished smartphones have new life thanks to your commitment, and you can be proud of it.

When you buy refurbished, you save energy and resources, reduce pollution, and limit the amount of toxic waste in our ecosystem. You're not just helping the environment: when you buy refurbished, you're also saving money!

Refurbished iPhones aren't just convenient. They're also an eco-friendly alternative. Especially if you have a smartphone, iPhone, or iPod, consider helping save this planet through your respectful use of refurbished devices.

Refurbished iPhones are first-rate, and you can buy them again and again. When you buy Refurbished iPhones, you're making this planet a better place for everyone.

And that's how Refurbished iPhones are saving the planet.

Refurbished iPhones have a new life thanks to your commitment, and you can be proud of it. When you buy Refurbished iPhones, you're helping save the planet.

Since Apple's iPhone in 2007, the company has sold over 400 million units. Some of the models were replaced with new devices, but a significant number remained useless after owners upgraded to a new model.

Getting rid of old phones used to be a big problem, but now you can sell your iPhone as Refurbished iPhones—recycled into new products that are completely reusable.

You can get top-quality Refurbished iPhones at a reasonable price, too. Using the same recycling processes and carefully chosen materials, the system invents new products from recycled iPhone components.

What's better than reusing? 

Much better. We all know that Refurbished iPhones are good for the environment and our wallets. With your help, the world's obsession with throwing out old tech and wasting natural resources can be overcome.

Like you, we want to see the e-waste getting reduced. Your help can change the world. With your help, everyone will follow your example and start buying recycled electronics. It's a big step towards zero waste, but it all starts with you.

So, why not start today?

There is a variety of refurbished iPhone options to choose from at Plug Tech. You can get the iPhone 7 or 11, both of which have excellent reviews from experts who have put them through their paces. With prices starting at the lowest, you can't go wrong with a refurbished phone. 

Since the introduction of Apple's iPhone, the company has sold over 400 million units. Some of the models were replaced with new devices, but a significant number remained useless after owners upgraded to a new model. With Plug Tech's incredible refurbished iPhones display, you can grab the best-refurbished iPhones while saving the planet. Now it's your time to make the call :D

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