Water Eject iPhone 2022: Clever shortcuts

Water eject iPhone 2022 Clever shortcuts

Water eject iPhone Clever shortcuts are crazy, my friend! Many iPhone lovers often get frustrated with their little iPhone problems. Don't you remember when the screens constantly get wet and damaged from the pool or other water sources?

To avoid this, people need a protective case to protect their precious iPhones from any potential water damage and allow them to use their phones in the shower just like they would a regular phone. But the clever shortcuts we have got for you today will drive you crazy! So, let's get the comfort for once and all :D

So Now How to Get Water Out of an iPhone?

Siri shortcut has been a smartphone itself in the past few days. When I first saw it on my friend's iPhone, I didn't think much of it. But now that I use it a lot, I would say it is one of the most useful Siri commands to interact with the phone.

You can use Siri to activate this feature by saying, "Hey Siri, water eject!". This should open your camera app in messages if you have wet fingers and you wish to take a pic of an important note. Pretty handy when you're in the middle of something important.

Using Siri Shortcuts, eject water from your iPhone.

Luckily for Apple users, a small Apple App can fix this problem. It's called Shortcuts App, and it's made by the same crazy guys who created the excellent Workflow App. This app allows users to create their automated actions with the help of predefined actions or even their custom-built efforts.

  1. Open the Siri Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to "Siri" and tap the plus sign in the corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Eject water from iPhone," then tap "Done" below it.
  4. Tap Add to Siri near the top-right of your screen, next to where it says Phrase (eject water).
  5. Your Siri shortcut is added, so long as you don't already have one for a different phrase. If you do, try again.
  6. If your iPhone has an airbag, say "ejecting iPhone water" and repeat it by telling it until you hear the ping airbag. If your iPhone has an airbag, say "Eject water from iPhone" and repeat saying it until you hear the airbag ping.
  7. My favorite Phrase for draining water from my iPhone is "This is a test" until I hear the ping, then say, "Eject water from iPhone."

And that's all there is to it!

Is the water eject shortcut safe to use?

The iOS developers have created Siri Shortcuts to make it easier for users to create and share shortcuts for Siri. It can protect devices from water damage by generating an ultra-low 165Hz frequency sound wave that propels moisture without causing harm to the device. It's also designed to decrease its time to remove water or spillage from a machine. It can help prevent electrical shock and overheating devices by quickly releasing moisture.

There are a lot of applications that can be used with these shortcuts. Users will add Siri Shortcuts for applications such as fitness, My Stocks, Tandem, and many others. The only requirement is that the application is updated to use Siri Shortcuts.

Download Water Eject Siri Shortcut

You can install the shortcut to your iPhone or iPad in the app store. After you have a shortcut added to your device, you have to run it by tapping on its tile.

You can also say, "Hey Siri, run the Water Eject Shortcut." Siri will open the shortcut and allow you to interact with it as if it were a native HomeKit accessory. You can see water coming out of speakers when the shortcut is activated, but there's no need to be alarmed. The iTunes Store will tell you if there's an issue and give you helpful troubleshooting tips.

Eject water from speakers using The Clear App

If your recently purchased iPhone model is encountering any difficulties with sound, such as crackling or simply not working, there may be water inside the speakers. It's easy to fix! All you need is a free app called Clear Wave and a little time.

Clear Wave comes with a detailed video tutorial on inserting it through iTunes and running it. All that's left is to follow instructions, and if you feel lost, don't worry :D

This app works by sending a low-frequency signal through your speaker to force any water out of the speakers and through the headphone jack. Once the speaker is clear again, you can start using your phone typically!

How does it work?

  1. Download and get iTunes opened.
  2. Connect your computer with your iPhone.
  3. Open the iTunes program, and wait for it to finish syncing with your iPhone.
  4. Navigate to your left sidebar under "Settings" (the gear icon). Click it and click on "Apps" from the drop-down menu under the heading "General" on the right side. Another window should pop up with a list of all the apps you have installed, including Clear Wave. Go there and click the "Update" button if it's not already.
  5. Once updated, click the "Sync" button in the bottom-right corner of your screen and wait for it to finish.

Make use of a third-party application or website.

If you're not tech-savvy, or you don't want to install an untrusted shortcut on your iPhone, then you can go for a third-party application. It will be hard to find one that matches the original app's features.

Other options are present to dry off your iPhone quickly. You can use free third-party apps like MacKeeper or injury, which work on Mac OS X and iOS, or you can even head over to a website that plays the sound to eject the water.

Wrapping up discussion

If your iPhone drops in water, don't be frustrated as it's the crazy iPhone. For starters, try to remove water from the speaker grill; there are a few things that you should try first. Do not insert anything into the speaker grill to get the water out. The speaker grill is not a drain and will only make matters worse. Even if you see some water draining out, it's only because it flows towards the jack and creates suction. Oh, I forget to mention at Plug Tech display are new awesome iPhones worth watching!