Used & refurbished iPhone XR review: Is it worth buying?

Used & refurbished iPhone XR review: Is it worth buying?

Used & refurbished iPhone XR review: Is it worth buying?

Which iPhone XR shall I get? New vs. Refurbished vs. Used

Buying a used or refurbished iPhone XR can never be a bad choice as it's counted among the best iPhones available in the market. It's also the best budget alternative to Apple's latest iPhones 12 and 13. iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch LCD (perfect for single-hand use), a single 12 mega pixels' rear lens camera, and an A12 chip. 

The refurbished iPhone XR functions just like a new one. With it, you can grab one of the best Apple phones without making a hefty payment for the tech beast. At there are best deals available for fully functional refurbished iPhone XR models. The best aspect about us is the checks each iPhone passes before getting on the display board. There are six colors available, each having the same durable glass as iPhone XS or iPhone 11.

What makes refurbished iPhone XR the best choice?

iPhone XR carries everything you may love about iPhones – all-screen displays with the actual tone, face ID, a great camera, and wireless charging (I love all XD). Though Apple has discontinued iPhone XR, you may find it listed on the Apple store @ $499 for a limited time only, whereas the used or refurbished iPhone XR is available in the market with a price starting from $288 (just included it in me to-buy list).

Pros & Cons of iPhone Xr


  • Long Battery life
  • Good Flagship value
  • Fast performance
  • Powerful and supremely slick
  • No compromise in build quality


  • No Optical Zoom
  • No 3D touch
  • The less flexible camera system

Tech specs


Comes with iOS 13 which is upgradable up to iOS 15.1


A12 Bionic


3 GB


3 different sizes – 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB

Battery and its Life

Li-Ion 2942 mAh with battery life of 11 hours and 26 minutes


6.1 inch LCD display with 1792 * 828 pixels

Front Camera

12 Mega Pixels (f/1.8)

Rear Camera

7 mega pixels (f/2.2)


Total 6 colors – White, Red, Blue, Black, Coral and White

Features - Sensors

Different sensors includes Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Siri natural language commands and dictation


5.9 * 3.0 * 0.3 inches


6.8 ounces


Used starting from $ 288 whereas new from $499

iPhone XR Review:

Pricing and Release Date

iPhone XR came first in the market in the last quarter of 2018. Though Apple has officially announced, they are discontinuing iPhone XR. You may find it listed on the Apple store @ $499 for 64 GB storage. Apart from Apple Store iPhone XR is available in use and refurbished at different online stores. At some stores, its price starts from $288 for 64 GB.

Immaculate Design

People have started thinking iPhone designs and their looks are getting too conservative, but this iPhone mode XR will give you a different vibe. It's more fun and elegant with a seven-color layer process. It comes in six different color variants white, black, yellow, coral, blue, and red, each having a glass back (the Blue one has a different vibe).

Apple has used LCDs (almost full-screen design) in the XR model, which impresses me as it's hard to manipulate LCDs, whereas OLEDs screen can be manipulated easily.

Long Lasting Durability

It's pretty easy to know the durability of any phone when compared with others. iPhone XR front has the same durable glass as iPhone XS, but its back is not as strong as XS, so I will recommend getting a back case for iPhone XR.

iPhone XR is IP67 water-resistant. It means your iPhone XR can survive 1 meter of water depth for up to 30 minutes which is double (yes depth, not time) in iPhone XS, which have IP68 water-resistant.

Custom Size

iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD, which is pretty good for those who prefer using a phone with one hand. This size is what many people are looking after, especially for watching Netflix, playing games, or using social media (yes, I included). With 6.1 sizes, its 6. 8-ounce weight comes and 5.9 * 3 * 0.3 inches' dimensions.

Perfect Display

iPhone XR has a 1792 * 828-pixel screen, which is technically not full HD but still gives full HD results. iPhone XR LCD is among the brighter and more robust color displays out there. You will get a different and good vibe while playing a mobile game like PUBG or watching movies on it (I have tried PUBG, lol).

Super Audio

iPhone XR has a more expansive stereo sound with its dual speakers. I tested it by playing Decpacito and "The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Extended Radio Edit)." The sound was vibrant. Also, this iPhone version comes with a true volume booster.

iPhone XR Camera Review

You might be thinking that iPhone XR has a single rear camera then how can it capture good shots. But my friend, let me tell you, it's iPhone (XD). It has a stellar wide-angle camera sensor, which is the same as XS and XS max. Also, the iPhone XR has the same HDR functionality, which delivers better highlights in the shadows. Portrait shots with artistic bokeh effect can also be captured using its rear camera.

everlasting Battery life

Here comes the battery life, which is as essential as any other function and sensor. iPhone XR comes with longer battery life than XS or even XS max.

I asked my friend, who has both iPhone XR and XS max, about the battery life, and the straight replied, "XR has a longer battery than XS max." He is a mobile game-addicted person, and it is rare a time in a day when he never plays the game, lol.

iPhone XR Review: Final Verdict

The refurbished iPhone XR is the perfect phone for you if you find yourself often craving extended battery life and a big display. Yes, the iPhone XR is reasonably sized. It's not big, but it's still bigger than many other phones on the market. The XS and iPhone XS Max are too large for me, but the iPhone XR is perfect for everyone.

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