Refurbished iPhone XS Max Review: Your biggest bang for the buck

Refurbished iPhone XS Max Review: Your biggest bang for the buck

Refurbished iPhone XS Max Review: Your biggest bang for the buck

Should you buy today refurbished iPhone XS Max? Ah! You know the aging iPhone has still got the top qualifying spot. The giant screen is best for gamers and movie lovers. Last but not least, the XS Max camera makes it the perfect choice for all apple lovers though the model is still costly. Your best option is to grab a refurbished one from Well, continue reading Refurbished iPhone XS Max Review to find if it's today your biggest bang for the buck!

Is Refurbished iPhone XS Max right for you?

Finally, for you, Apple has got a big display with a long-lasting battery and a perfect camera. Yo, it's one of the best iPhones out there! We can get on the stuff you can't guess just by looks later on. If you think the new model is costly, remember you don't have to grab it to own an iPhone XS Max.

Today Refurbished iPhones have become the perfect buying choice. Top-notch quality rocker can be owned today by everyone without breaking the budget coins. In iPhone XS Max, the control buttons are replaced by gestures, and both hands use a big screen. With it unlocking face control and the fabulous camera gives fresh air to breathe. 

And honestly, the refurbished iPhone XS Max works just like the new ones. So What are your thoughts about buying Refurbished iPhone XS Max now? And you know the authentic refurbished tech reseller delivers the best quality refurbished iPhones on the market today.

What Makes iPhone XS Max the biggest bang for the buck?

The refurbished iPhone XS Max performance is super immaculate. Thanks to the Apple durability and updated features, it feels like an ultimate device for Apple lovers without breaking budget coins. Let's grab the quick beast overview:  

Smartphone specs summary

  • Processor: A12 Bionic
  • Storage: 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
  • Screen: 6.5-inch OLED (that’s 2688 * 1242 pixels)
  • Battery Life: 10:38
  • Face ID: Yes
  • Camera: Dual 12MP rear, 7MP front both OIS equipped with smart HDR
  • Ram & Weight: 4 GB & 7.3 Ounce (208 gram)
  • Frame: Metal stainless
  • Colors: Space grey, gold, silver
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fiac, Bluetooth 5, NFC, LTE, Lightning, and GPS
  • Others: iOS 13, Siri shortcuts automation & personalized emoji's

All-day super battery timing

Ah! in one single ruling, if you ask about iPhone XS max battery life, my answer would be evergreen as its battery life is even better than iPhone X, and it can last one full day on a single 100% charge. 

Regardless of where the discussion on iPhones starts, it always ends with battery life. iPhone XS Max comes with an A12 Bionic chip which is 15% faster and 50% more efficient than the last A11 bionic chip. Its AI chip is also nine times faster than the last one. With all these new chips and updates, it is faster, but it's significantly less than it takes the raw battery from its battery pack, which is said to be 3174 mAh. 

Wow, supersized screen display

The primary feature which makes it different from other versions is its 6.5 inches large OLED. It's 0.7 inches larger than its normal version XS. It comes with HDR support which gives an enhanced viewing experience. Today it may not be the largest, but it's excellent for gaming and entertainment purpose. It is brighter and colorful like all other models (nothing more extraordinary), having a 2688 * 1242 resolution.  

Perfect dual iPhone XS Max Camera review

The dual camera on iPhone's back is much improved as compared to past versions. The 12 megapixels come with wide-angle, 2x effective optical zoom with image sensors and updated algorithms. By default, HDR mode is improved as the contrast and bright image areas are not a problem. To sum up, the iPhone XS Max camera rivals among the best in business.

Awesome Design

The bigger screen with narrowed slimness and shorter touch makes it awesome. The tapered edges with a flat back can make you fall in love with it. The iPhone XS Max front and rear are covered in glass with a stainless metal back. The protection is also upgraded, and this smartphone can be submerged up to 2 meters in depth for about 30 minutes. 

You know it also supports advanced wiles charging and comes with a lightning connector for ear pods. Also, eSim is enabled, along with the option to insert dual sims in the iPhone. The advanced features embedded in the simple yet attractive design make it super awesome.

How to identify refurbished iPhone XS Max?

The primary question is Refurbished vs. Use iPhone; what's best? As of our recent iPhone users survey, the refurbished iPhone XS Max is the winner. You can check if the iPhone you bought is new, refurbished, used, or a replacement. But you know, buying a refurbished iPhone from an authentic reseller delivers the best value for money. 

Another option to check your iPhone status is with its model number starting Alphabet. "M" represents a new iPhone, while "F" means carrier refurbished, and "N" is for the apple replacement. If "P" appears, then your iPhone was personalized with engraving. To get there, tap settings then General > About and pay attention to the model starting Alphabet.

If you compare refurbished with used iPhones, then refurbished are the perfect choice as they are fully functional and long-lasting with all features.

Refurbished iPhone XS but Max Verdict

The refurbished iPhone XS Max is a large, beautiful, and expensive smartphone. Its primary selling point is the supersized display screen and fantastic camera. 512 GB storage gives you ample free space for favorite apps, photos, and videos on the top of the line. Refurbished iPhone XS and XS Max are the best choices within budget. 

With expert checks, you can grab the best value of money for a refurbished iPhone. The XS Max Space with the massive display is worth the space it takes in the pocket and hands. Please share with us your iPhone XS Max review in the comments below!

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