Best way to buy Refurbished iPhones

Best way to buy Refurbished iPhones

Best way to buy Refurbished iPhones

There are many benefits to buying refurbished iPhones. You can get a much better deal on an iPhone that has been previously used or repaired. The quality of the iPhone is just as good as it was when it was brand new. 

Also, buying refurbished iPhones will help you save money and live more sustainably. Here's how to best buy refurbished iPhones for the best price possible! 

What is a refurbished iPhone?

The word refurbished refers to something that is repaired or a second-hand product. For example, refurbished iPhones are pre-owned by someone and returned due to minor faults or scratches (mark on the body). These faults are repaired by apple or any certified reseller, and the phone is restored, tested, and found working fine. These repaired (refurbished) iPhones are available to resell at lower prices.

Are used and refurbished iPhones the same?

People assume that used or refurbished iPhones are pretty the same as both are pre-owned by someone else. But a difference lies between them. Used iPhones include May or may not work perfectly. 

There isn't any surety that your iPhone will work properly. So you have to check and evaluate its working on your own, and you must be super bright for this as it's precarious.

While the certified reseller repairs refurbished iPhones, faults have been previously removed and come up with a year warranty. So they are pretty protected and safer it's to go with them.

Interesting fact

If you wonder why refurbished iPhones are still cheaper than used ones? The answer is simple used iPhones have the same parts while parts in a refurbished iPhone are repaired and may get replaced.

How to best buy iPhone with a Triple-C check?

Buying an iPhone previously owned by someone can create doubts and questions in your mind. The functioning of a refurbished device can be average compared to a brand new one, but the significant difference in their prices makes it easy to compensate. It would be best if you considered a triple-C check to best buy a refurbished iPhone:

What is the Condition?

First of all, check the hardware of your iPhone. Are there any minor scratches, or is there a significant crack? Next, check if there is any damage on the screen or back glass, as it costs more than 500$ to get it repaired.

Pro tip: Never buy an iPhone with water damage because it leads to camera dysfunction or other disorders. If there are only minimal wear and light scratches, then it's okay, and you can go with this.

What about the camera?

When we talk about camera quality, iPhones stand on the top. You can use it to take the best pictures. The filters, gradient colors grab others' eyes and hearts. So while buying a refurbished iPhone, never compromise on its camera quality. 

Here is a quick check to find if your refurbished iPhone has a genuine apple camera:

  • Go to settings of your iPhone
  • Tap on general
  • Go to about option.
  • If it contains a duplicate camera, then an alert message will pop up here.

Is the cost worthy?

Getting a refurbished iPhone doesn't mean you just like them, but you don't have a budget to buy a brand new iPhone. iPhones are always expensive, but you can go with a refurbished one as it's pretty cheaper. You can get a handsome iPhone for 200$-1000$. Consider how much you have to spend and check the specs of the one which fits your requirements and go for it.

What other factors to consider?

There are several other factors that you should check before best buying a refurbished iPhone. These may include touch tests, IMEI numbers, and port checks, etc.

How to choose an appropriate model for you?

When buying a refurbished iPhone, you have many options to choose. Think about a lot of iPhones of the same model and a variety between models. It will make it challenging to find the best one for you. So here we are narrowing out the list and making it easy for you to buy the best refurbished iPhone.

Depending on your age, usage, and type of use, we have categorized iPhone models:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

If you are a light user, you are just making and receiving calls (requires simple functionality), then no need to go for fast processors. iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are the best choices for you. Both models are pretty the same, come up with a retina display, and best fits your usage. You can get these models for 150$.


  • Wireless headphone
  • Excellent camera
  • Quick performance


  • Overheating problem
  • 3d touch dysfunctionality
  • poor battery life (less mAH)

iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR, iPhone 11

If you play high graphic games like PubG or use more than 12 hours, then you need a powerful iPhone that displays some good colors and a ton of space to accommodate your data. iPhone XS Max is the most appropriate device for this, and it will not disappoint you. 

You can get a refurbished iPhone Xs Max for about 400$.


  • Fast performance (4Gb RAM)
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality OLED display


  • Face id problems
  • Expensive than previous models

iPhone 12, iPhone 13 (Max models)

Are you looking for high-quality photo and video results? Then these models can be perfect for you. iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 have a much-improved camera with lower light in autofocus, improved battery performance, and a new cinematic mode addition to the camera. You can enjoy extra comfort if you go with these models a there are plenty of upgrades.


  • Improved Low light camera performance
  • Cinematic camera mode
  • Improved battery (4352 mAH for 13 pro max)
  • A14 Bionic processor


  • Overpriced
  • No 5G

Pro Tip:

An important issue every iPhone user faces is its battery timing that can be entirely below expectations. But it is highly improved in new models like iPhone 12 and 13 pro max have got a good time. So while buying a refurbished iPhone, check that its battery health should be more than 90%. If it's below 80%, it is advisable to skip this buy.


Now you are ready to best buy refurbished iPhones. Taking all these factors into consideration, grab your refurbished iPhone. They always add glamour to your personality, whether you are holding a brand new or a refurbished one. 


So enjoy the with a low budget. Lastly, make sure that you have enough money saved up before purchasing a new or used phone so that you can afford monthly payments if necessary.


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