Best iPhone camera in 2022

The must have camera in 2022  

Many may see this as a very obvious and well, it is, to an extent. Obviously with the newest iPhone models out, the 13 Pro ranks as the top iPhone camera in 2021. It is said that this camera has a huge color and detail improvements compared to the 12 series models. The night mode is also an excellent rated feature that has been improved. But, now for the other models that were in contention for this very prestigious title. 

Is the 12 Pro Max camera Legit?

  Again, this will not be a shocker, but at #2, we have the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 6.7-inch display is great for editing photos. The 12 Pro Max has a 2.5X optical zoom in, 2X optical zoom out and 12X digital zoom in. This is expected from Apple at the end of the day, each year the newer device should be better than the last and this device certainly delivered. The only downfall critics can really find is the 12 Pro Max is an expensive piece of tech and the 6.7-inch display can be "unwieldy."

iPhone 11 Hype

  Lastly, it wouldn't be right not to throw the iPhone 11 in the mix. This device first off has a very affordable price point. The camera is slightly worse than the 12, only being able to 2X optical zoom out and then 5X digital zoom in. The 6.1-inch display is still plenty of display for any user. All in all, any of these devices would be suffice and any of the small differences would not be see by the naked eye. So, if you can afford the latest and greatest, go get you the best out! But, if not, there are options that are affordable and will still provide you with an exceptional camera.