Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. New iPhone: Which One is the Better Investment?

Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. New iPhone: Which One is the Better Investment?

Refurbished iPhone 12 vs. New iPhone:

Which One is the Better Investment?

When purchasing an iPhone, deciding between a brand-new device and a refurbished one can be challenging. Today we’ll compare the refurbished iPhone 12 from plug and a new iPhone. This comparison will be highlighting the benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned device. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of why a refurbished iPhone 12 is a smarter investment.


Cost Savings

  The most significant advantage of choosing a refurbished iPhone 12 over a new device is the considerable cost savings. A certified pre-owned iPhone 12 from plug can be up to 40% cheaper than a brand-new model, allowing you to enjoy the same features and performance at a fraction of the price. This cost-saving aspect makes refurbished devices an attractive option, especially for budget-conscious consumers.
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Quality Assurance

  At plug, all our refurbished iPhones undergo a rigorous inspection, testing, and certification process to ensure they meet Apple's high-quality standards. This means that a refurbished iPhone 12 from plug will function like a new device. Our team wants to make sure we can protect your investment. We do this by applying a 12-month warranty on all our certified pre-owned devices, to provide you the peace of mind to enjoy your refurbished iPhone 12.

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Environmental Benefits 

  Choosing a refurbished iPhone 12 over a new device is an environmentally friendly decision. By extending the life of an existing device, you help reduce electronic waste and conserve the resources required to manufacture new products. This eco-conscious choice contributes to a more sustainable future, making a refurbished iPhone 12 a responsible investment.
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Immediate Availability

  When new iPhone models are released, they can be challenging to find due to high demand and limited stock. This won't be the worry you have when looking for refurbished iPhones. These devices are readily available, allowing you to buy a certified pre-owned iPhone 12 without the hassle of waiting in lines or dealing with stock shortages. 

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A Wider Range of Options

  When buying a new phone you are waiting in line to find out that they are already sold out of the color and storage you wanted. If you consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12, you have access to a wider range of options, including different colors, storage capacities, and even previous models that may no longer be available as new. This flexibility, purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12, allows you to find the perfect device to suit your preferences and budget.

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  So lets review, the cost savings, quality assurance, environmental benefits, immediate availability, and a wider range of options, a refurbished certified iPhone 12 from plug is a smart and responsible investment. By choosing a certified pre-owned device, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the performance of a new iPhone and the affordability of a pre-owned device.   


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