Why the Refurbished iPhone 12 is the Perfect Smartphone for Students (Teens/Kids)

Why the Refurbished iPhone 12 is the Perfect Smartphone for Students (Teens/Kids)

Why the Refurbished iPhone 12 is the Perfect Smartphone for Students (Teens/Kids)


Smartphones have become more and more prominent over the last decade in everything we do. These devices have taken all of us through the wringer once or twice in keeping up with the new and improved ways to perform everyday tasks. for instance, students needing them to find the information they need for a project, communicate with teachers about assignments, and entertainment. We all want to make the access to the products that make our live mainstream. Parents want to know that their students have what they need but they are safe.


The plug team has heard your concerns. Our team has done their homework to collect all the information on why the refurbished iPhone 12 is the perfect smartphone for students. We will cover affordability, parental controls safety, and device performance. Also we will add in some extra fun information on why the iPhone 12 is the perfect device!


Section 1: Affordability 

 A refurbished iPhone 12 provides the same great features as a new device but at a much, much lower cost. For budget-conscious parents or students, this is an ideal option that won't break the bank. With plug's certified pre-owned devices, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality and up to 40-70% off device like the iPhone 12. We strive to elevate quality in each individual's experience the premium necessity at a valued price, but we are also working to reduce waste around the globe! If the deal was not sweet enough yet, we add a 12-month performance warranty at no extra cost to you! Ensuring that your investment is protected. 

Section 2: Performance 

The iPhone 12 series has a powerful A14 Bionic chip built within. With the A14 Bionic chip, you have a system ensuring fast performance and smooth multitasking. Meaning that your child or students will not miss a beat if they have many apps like games, search engines, and email running in the background without any lag. Also, the iPhone 12 is compatible with the latest iOS updates, so students can enjoy the newest features and enhanced security.


Section 3: Parental Controls and Safety

Knowing that students are safe as they have fun exploring the internet for information and entertainment is a very comforting thought. You can make sure that you have done everything you can to protect your child/student. Apple has invested a large amount of effort to set up its parental controls. Using the built-in Screen Time feature, parents can monitor their child's usage, set limits on apps, and restrict content based on age-appropriate guidelines. This ensures that students have a safe and controlled experience while using their refurbished iPhone 12.



Extra Credit on the iPhone 12!

 Education and Productivity - +5 points for the iPhone 12

  The iPhone 12's advanced features make it an excellent choice! Students/kids will not even realize the potential that they hold to expand their education and productivity. Students can access countless educational apps, take notes, create presentations, and stay organized with the built-in calendar and reminders. The device's compatibility with iCloud ensures that students can keep their files and documents synced across their devices for seamless access.

Camera and Creativity - +5 points for the iPhone 12

 The iPhone 12 series sports impressive cameras that allow students to capture high-quality photos and videos! With features like Night mode, Deep Fusion, and Smart HDR, teens, and kids can capture all types of memories. The device also supports various photo and video editing apps, enabling students to hone their skills and create stunning visual projects. 


Assignment Completed

Now that you have had the time to look over our homework. Seeing all the reasons, affordability, performance, parental controls and safety, and all the extras your students are longing for! With access to all the sites and information they need parents can rest easy with the robust parental controls the iPhone 12 holds.


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