iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11- Which device is superior?

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11- Which device is superior?

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11- Which device is superior?

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11  

  The iPhone 12 offers plenty of upgrades over the iPhone 11. For starters, the iPhone 12 line launched with four models, compared to three for the iPhone 11. Apple has also embraced 5G connectivity across the board, and every iPhone 12 packs an OLED screen, which is superior to LCD displays. The differences don't stop there: the 12 also benefits from a more durable Ceramic Shield display and a faster A14 Bionic chip that blows away Android phones, plus a powerful LiDAR sensor on the Pro variants. The prices for the 12 line are fairly reasonable. 

Size Difference 

  With the 12 and the 11, they both are roughly 6.1" in size. However, the 12 does have a "mini" model which is 5.4". The pro model of the 12 also comes in at 6.1" while the pro max is a whopping 6.7". With that being said there is definitely a size that will fit every individual. With the 13 now available, both the 12 and iPhone 11 prices have seen a reduction. This means if you have been on the edge of getting a new device but weren't fully sold, this is your sign to take advantage of the new model causing the older ones to decrease in price. 

Notable Design Change

  When there is a change with a product, it is usually fairly easy to spot. With the 12, it was easy to see that Apple went with the design of the flat sides like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 some years back. This differs from the rounded design of the iPhone 11 models. Is this a potential indication that moving forward the devices will have flat sides or is this just a temporary thing? Knowing Apple, they definitely have something up their sleeve to change the game, they've done it for years and cannot anticipate any change. 


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