Plug Certified Preowned (Explained)

Plug Certified Preowned (Explained)

Certified Preowned:    

  It is now 2021...People are used to just heading to the local Apple Store or local phone retailer to get the latest device. You may be thinking, but that's what you're supposed to do right? Sure, that is always an option, but then you have monthly payments on a device or you're paying $799.99 or more to have the latest and greatest. We are here to tell you that there is a cheaper and greener alternative. This alternative would be certified preowned, and this is the best option because it saves you money and it allows us to eliminate e-waste little by little. 

     Certified Preowned Devices go through a rigorous testing process on all key components including the logic board, battery, keyboard, hard drive, trackpad, and display to ensure they are in excellent working condition. At plug we perform a 90+ step functionality test to see how well the device functions. Our devices must pass this test in order to make it on our site, no exceptions!

   Committed to a greener tomorrow, today. Our Certified Preowned devices allow us to reduce waste while providing you with exceptional technology. Backed with our 12-month exclusive warranty just like a brand new out of box device includes, really makes the decision easy. You help reduce e-waste and we help your checking account by offering affordable devices. The objective of our business model is to not profit as most as possible, but instead, compete with the market and provide consumers with the most affordable tech around. That is the plug objective. 

   In conclusion, there are many benefits from shopping for certified pre-owned devices. So, next time you're in the market for a new smartphone, think certified preowned. Not only the earth will be a better place, but your checking account as well. 

About plug:

Plug, formerly eCommsell, is a leading consumer electronics provider and online retailer that connects people to reliable, renewed devices. The company is based in St. Louis, Mo, and was founded to make it affordable and easy for people to get the most out of their personal technology purchases, helping to reduce unnecessary e-waste. Plug hand tests and certifies every device it sells through its rigorous 90+ point ‘Certified Pre-Owned Assurance’ certification process, providing a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee on all devices sold. Plug is ‘Responsible Recycling’ or ‘R2’ certified, and has helped to prevent over one million working devices from reaching landfills since 2009. Find all of our deals at or by downloading our mobile app.

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