How to Turn off Explicit Apple Music on iPhone

How to Turn off Explicit Apple Music on iPhone

Parents never want to be considered “that parent” but, making sure your child is not listening to explicit music when you are not around is now possible and easier than ever. As long as the child is connected to the same iCloud as you, you can achieve this restriction in a matter of minutes. Many would think this could be done within the music app, but that is incorrect. You can actually achieve censorship of explicit music through the settings menu. Following the steps below will have whatever music you would like censored. 

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Tap Screen Time then you want to tap Content and Privacy Restrictions 
  3. On this page, you want to activate the Content and Privacy Restrictions by tapping the switch. (Should go from gray to green) 
  4. Tap Content Restrictions 
  5. Tap the Music, Podcasts, and News option 
  6. Tap Clean. This will limit all content to what is labeled safe for all ages. Hence, blocking all content marked with an explicit tag. 
  7. Now all explicit content is blocked, but as always, things can usually slip through the cracks. You will also need to disable Music Profiles. To do this, on the Content and Privacy Restrictions menu Tap Music Profiles. 
  8. Tap Off 
  9. You have no officially blocked explicit content as well as limiting access to information on mature artists. 

Control Over Media

Privacy is always one of the main points of interest with parents when their kid has a phone. You cannot watch them every second of every day, it is just not a feasible task. Apple always seems to deliver with features that just put the consumer at ease, which in this case I cannot see many parents being upset this option is available, in reality, they’re probably jumping for joy. This really allows the parents to dictate the kind of media their child is seeing, which gives them the greatest satisfaction and peace of mind.

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