11 Pro Max vs. 12 Pro Max Review: What’s Hottest in 2022

11 Pro Max vs. 12 Pro Max Review: What’s Hottest in 2022

11 Pro Max vs. 12 Pro Max Review: What’s Hottest in 2022

iPhone fans are always eagerly excited for the hot iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models but confused as the great 11 pro max is awe-inspiring. The 11 pro max and 12 pro max are very similar devices, but some key differences set them apart. In this review, we'll look at both phones to help you decide which is right for you.

Are Cameras Awesome?

The iPhone 12 Pro has an improved focal aperture for taking better photos in various conditions, and it also features the LiDAR scanner that can help with AR apps. You'll be able to shoot more professional-looking videos on this phone than ever before! 

The front-facing cameras are just as good - there's even been some talk about using them for Face ID tech instead because they're so powerful at scanning three dimensions without lag time or error rate issues.

Design That Suits You!

Of the two new iPhones, we prefer iPhone 12 Pro. It has more compact dimensions and an attractive flag profile missing from 11 pro max! However, its water resistance isn't up to scratch, so it may not be ideal for swimming or diving activities in deep waters. 

But otherwise, these phones are perfect just about anywhere else. They both offer amazing premium materials like glass backs & stainless-steel frames, making them stand out against most competitors.

Display that Gives Bespoke Experience

The iPhone 11 Pro Max and 12 pro have a number of features in common, but one big difference is their display sizes. The larger 6-inch panel on the latter provides more screen real estate for content consumption while also being easier to hold due to its compactness compared with other models out there today - especially if you're looking forward to buying something new!

Finally, you get to enjoy the full experience of your favorite TV show on a screen this large. With Super Retina XDR OLED panels and HDR10+, these phones have all of what's needed for the perfect picture quality - even in low light!

Specs & Software: Upgraded Enrichment

The 12-inch iPhone Pro is finally here! With its powerful Apple A14 Bionic chipset and 6 GB RAM, it's no wonder that this new mobile computing platform will be able to handle whatever you can throw at it. But what about storage? 512GB might seem like overkill for some people.

Still, we're currently living in an era where technology constantly drives us forward, so why not take advantage of everything your phone offers without worrying whether or not there'll still be space left on day one? If dollars are tight, then don't worry because the 32GB model also works just fine, thanks primarily to using the more efficient operating system.

Battery: Eternal use

The battery of an iPhone 11 Pro Max is much bigger than that found in the newest model, so you can enjoy longer use without worrying about running out. The 5 nm A14 Bionic chipset doesn't help either; it's 305PPI compared to last year's ingress protection which only had 2815 mAh capacity due to its outdated design - but at least we get MagSafe support!

Price: Apt your Budget

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the more affordable options out there if you want a phone with an impressive display and bigger battery. Still, it doesn't make sense to get this expensive model when there are other devices on sale that offer similar specifications for less money. Head over to Plug Tech and Grab your refurbished iPhone. So, after 11 pro max vs. 12 pro max review which one will you buy? 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Reasons to Buy

  • It is the largest phone on the market.
  • It has a powerful battery and more CPU cores than any other iPhone.
  • It includes high-end features such as dust and water resistance, wireless charging, and dual SIM cards.
  • The phone is built with OLED screens that have higher contrast ratios than LCD screens and better viewing angles than AMOLED displays.
  • The rear camera has improved sensors, color depth, low light performance, and new features like slo-mo video capabilities in Pro mode that can last up to four seconds for 1080p recordings.

What makes other models considerable? 

  • It costs more than other phones with similar specifications. These are usually older and lower-end phones.
  • The phone is larger and heavier than most competitors, even though it is only 3 mm thicker and slightly lighter than the iPhone XS Max.
  • It includes Apple's proprietary Lightning connector instead of a USB-C port like many of its competitors include.
  • It doesn't come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which will be a disadvantage to some people who have headphones that only work with this type of port.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Why Buy?

  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max features an improved camera layout that makes it the best choice for photography enthusiasts. With its larger sensor and telephoto camera, the iPhone 12 Pro Max captures more light and detail than any other iPhone.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max supports 5G capabilities, allowing for faster data speeds and more efficient connections.
  • MagSafe is one of the most convenient iPhone 12 Pro Max features. It allows you to attach accessories to your phone magnetically, so you never worry about losing them again.

Can you Avoid it?

  • The new iPhone 12 Pro Max has a smaller display than its predecessor. This makes it more compact and easier to use with one hand. The trade-off is that you lose some screen real estate compared to the larger model.

Final Thoughts: 11 pro max vs. 12 pro max review:

So, is the iPhone 11 Pro Max worth the upgrade? In our opinion, it is. The camera improvements are incredible and make a huge difference in your photography, and the overall design of the phone feels more luxurious. 

With 11 pro max vs. 12 pro max review have make an informed buying decision. Now if you're looking for an excellent refurbished iPhone option, we recommend heading to PlugTech. The high-quality original products with great customer service make them an awesome choice for refurbished iPhones and tech.

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