How to know iPhone 12 pro max is original: Easily buy in 2022

How to know iPhone 12 pro max is original: Easily buy in 2022

If you're an iPhone fan or even just a lover of technology, the excellent iPhone 12 Pro Max has probably caught your attention. If you're wondering if it's worth buying or even original, read on for some tips on how to determine that. And you will know how to know iPhone 12 pro max is original and where to buy the phone in 2022. 

Apple has made some changes to its design that make it harder to counterfeit. There are a few simple ways to know that you are getting an original iPhone 12 pro max when purchasing in 2022. Keep on reading to be sure you're getting the real thing. Stay safe, and don't get scammed!

How to know iPhone 12 pro max is original?

The most intriguing question is How to know iPhone 12 pro max is original and how to identify fake iPhone 12 pro max or 13! So let's break the pot:

External Indicators to Spot Fake iPhone 12 pro-Max!

Build Quality and Packaging:

When you open a fake iPhone 12 Pro box, there might be instructions in giant foreign characters. Sometimes the phone is wrapped in plastic rather than having its tab pulled off like the original packaging.

The outside appearance of these items can often lead people into thinking they are real products, but this could simply be because it looks more cheaply made than what we're used to - so don't let appearances fool ya!

It's easy to tell when you're looking at an authentic product versus one that is fake. The packaging will often have different features, such as products being sold in boxes instead of bags or plastic wrap on top; there may also be instructions with giant foreign characters, but how to know if a refurbished iPhone 12 pro max is original!

Look at Apple Logo and Charging Port

A simple approach to spot a fake iPhone 12 Pro or Max is by looking at its logo. If you carefully flip it over and examine it closely, there will likely be small errors compared to how genuine phones look - like an incorrectly placed lettering style that's too large for its space on the screen (a sign often seen with copies). 

You may also notice any Overwatch-style Engravings found near where welder meets metal housing: these markings indicate quality assurance during the production process by Apple Inc. It has been widely utilized since the Industrial Revolution, beginning with dispute claims.

The bottom of the iPhone 12 Pro will show you if it's authentic or fake. If there is a plastic border around this device, then the chances are that what you have in your hands isn't an original product; however, sometimes phones come with no telltale signs. They look similar to ours because they're made by the same company and use many identical parts!

Look for Camera Body and Penta Lobe Screws

These are the five-point screws known as Penta Lobe. They have been used in all of Apple's products and can be a giveaway for fake smartphones because they're not DESIGNED to work with certain models, unlike normal cross-sized variants, which match up perfectly every time.

You can find out if your phone has a high-quality lens by looking at its camera from the back. The built-in fake iPhones have their screens pointing downward, making them harder to use with one hand while holding an object like walking because there isn't anything keeping you upright except for gravity!

Performance Indicators to Spot Fake iPhone 12 pro-Max!

Let's watch the performance indicators to know if your refurbished iPhone is original or fake! Pro Tip: Have a look at Plug Tech's original iPhone display to grab your original iPhone 12 Pro Max Hassle-Free without worrying about fake or counterfeit products! If you try to open it, it closes right back down again. Check Serial Numbers! Now let's switch to how to spot a fake iPhone 12 pro max:

Apple Store and iTunes

The biggest difference between real and fake iPhones is that most so-called "iPhone 12 Pro" or "pro-Max" devices run off Android because they can adjust their skin. They DO NOT have an iTunes store; you cannot access Apple's App Store through these apps if you click them.

It redirects to another application/google play store instead (which may do anything besides open up expected apple stores). If this software does anything other than just open up programs like Photoshop on your computer, please report back with details!

Look at Camera App and Screen Brightness

The camera within the app itself is very different from what you will find on an iPhone 12 pro or max in the case of a fake iPhone. The top-of-line rear-facing shooter does not exist in these clones, so there's no way for them to match up with today's standards when it comes down to taking selfies and photos alike. You can tell that the color isn't as vibrant on your screen and looks washed out. You also think maybe this is because you turned down how bright things are?

Look at Welcome Logo and Siri

The welcoming logo is the first thing you see when turning on an iPhone. This isn't something most people typically encounter with fake devices, though it occasionally happens in some cases; usually, there will be "Welcome" instead of Apple's iconic phrase." Also, Siri can only be launched on an original iPhone, but it doesn't work if you have a replica. 

Parting Words: Fake vs. real iPhone 12 pro max!

Now that you know all about the ways to identify an original iPhone 12 pro max, it's time to go out and buy one! Be sure to purchase your new phone from a reputable source, where you can be sure you're getting a genuine product. Thanks for following along with us on this journey of how to spot a fake iPhone. Or let us take care of iPhone's authenticity and grab your perfect iPhone 12 pro max from plug tech refurbished iPhones display!