Plug Financial Aid

Students can apply for their additional discounts on the tech they need for Plug.

About Plug Financial Aid

At Plug®, we know that the right tech can help the brightest young minds reach the highest heights. That’s why we’re offering exclusive discounts for students from kindergarten through grad school. It’s our way of removing the financial hurdles that can be obstacles to success.

The Tech Students Need

Plug has set aside $250,000 worth of MacBooks, tablets, phones, and other essential tech and is making those devices available at significant discounts (much larger discounts than we proudly offer on a daily basis) to all types of students that the program can benefit.

The Application Process is Simple

To be eligible, you must be a full-time student (college students need to be carrying at least 9 credits in their current semester) and at least 14 years old. Younger students can have their parents apply on their behalf. Applicants need to provide a brief explanation of how the tech will help them succeed in school and beyond. Additionally, you must agree to share a photo of yourself with your Plug tech for our 2024 Yearbook.