Is plug Legit?

Is plug Legit? - plug tech

Establishing a Brand

Plug is one of the few legitimate refurbished electronic retailers in the United States. The company grounded itself solely on the idea of closing the gap between refurbished and brand-new. Since being founded in 2011, Plug has dedicated its business to “creating economic and environmental change by reinventing how people perceive refurbished devices.

Ensuring Refurbished is better

Plug is leading the way when it comes to reestablishing what it means to be refurbished in an industry that most consumers are still uncertain. This starts by establishing quality, plug does a phenomenal job including accurate website descriptions and photos whether it’s Like-New, has Minor Imperfections, or Eco-friendly. All of their devices are purchased through Carrier Auctions and other certified dealers, which guarantee all the devices will have a clean history. Not only does a team of certified cellular technicians inspect each and every device, but plug also ensures that 100% of their devices pass a 90-point diagnostic test. At plug, it’s not always about what a device can do for you but instead what you can do for the device as well, in order to establish connection and unity. There’s no doubt that you’ll love your device, but what matters more is making sure the device is right for you!


Ensuring The Customer is Covered!

Most companies aren’t willing to risk their image at the expense of the customer, however, plug ensures legitimacy by reassuring the customer. All of their purchases come with a 12 Month warranty if ordered on any platform outside of, not to mention that customers have the ability to purchase extended warranties. These warranties range from anywhere from a year-long policy up to a 3-year option as well. If that’s not enough, how about the 30-day money back gaurantee which gives plug customers a month in order to decide if the device is right for them! Not only do they want customers to love the device, but they also want them to come back, and that’s why it doesn’t just stop there when it comes to being legit. Most companies hold customers accountable for return shipping fees, plug offers prepaid return labels and same-day shipping! When most companies don’t hesitate to look at a device with an outdated warranty, plug still takes time out of their day to see how they can help! Not to mention company efforts to continuously reward hardworking customers with yearly deals, whether it’s Back-to-School, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or Christmas season.


Taking A Chance So You Don’t Have To!

Part of building a brand is taking risks and that’s what’s great about plug! Ask yourself, how many retailers are willing to risk more, charge less, and still work towards satisfying the needs of the customers? Plug is all about reinventing refurbished devices! Whenever you need a savvy device at a refurbished price, you can bet they’ll be there offering unmatched customer service and extraordinary deals!


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