Refurbished iPhones Life - Get the Most from your device

Refurbished iPhones Life - Get the Most from your device

Life of Refurbished iPhones. Quite Long Huh?

Refurbished iPhones are a great alternative to purchasing new ones. They are pre-owned smartphones that Apple or an authorized service provider has repaired. This means they'll work just as well as your brand new iPhone but at a fraction of the cost! Also, their life is quite Long. 

Don't believe me? Here's everything you need to know about refurbished the life if refurbished iPhones. If you are considering buying one? You are not alone. There is no need for buyers to be wary of purchasing refurbished phones. They can often be better than their brand-new counterparts!  

I will discuss here an important aspect that makes these iPhones so great. And why you should consider purchasing one if you are looking for your next mobile device. So go ahead and read on! We'll talk about the life of Refurbished iPhones all below!

Can a Refurbished iPhone last long?

A refurbished iPhone is like a new iPhone with its new battery and case. If you are buying one from Apple or one of its authorized sellers, then surely your phone is going to last long as they give a warranty period along with after-sale service. Refurbished iPhones without a warranty period shall be avoided. They are usually offered by third-party sellers who have not authorized sellers and may not sell iPhones with standard refurbishing procedures adopted by Apple.

Are you confused between a used and refurbished iPhone?

There is a clear difference between a user and a refurbished iPhone. They look new as their case and battery have been replaced with a new one, whereas the used one carries what was put to them at the time of manufacturing. 

Refurbished iPhones always come with a warranty period. There are websites and different sellers who may not offer a warranty which is why you should avoid such sellers. Used iPhones don't carry any warranty. They are supposed to have a long life, unlike used iPhones, which may or may not last long. The confusion must not be any more.

How can the life of Refurbished iPhones be extended?

The life of a new iPhone is long, but if you use your refurbished iPhone with little care, its life span can be extended. Apple itself told some steps a few years back which can extend the life of iPhones. First, you need to make sure your iPhone is running the latest upgrade (i.e., its iOS is not outdated). 

The life of the iPhone, primarily its battery, directly depends on its temperature. You shall make sure the average temperature your phone stays at is not more than 22 degrees Celsius. It's a little hard if you are a gaming person like me; D but overheating and high temperature can directly affect your iPhone lithium battery. When charging, you shall have the same care as some surfaces and cases cause the phones to heat more.

Another precaution that should be taken is your phone battery status. It shall never go to 0%. Half or near half is recommended as draining the battery can harm the life of your iPhone, either it's new or refurbished. Apart from these measures, you shall make sure auto brightness is always on to reduce unnecessary battery usage. Also, you shall make sure no background apps are running. Running unnecessary apps reduces the life of iPhones regardless they are refurbished or new.


Do refurbished iPhones have good battery life?

Refurbished iPhones are supposed to have a good and long battery life. Many refurbished iPhones have got their batteries replaced with new batteries, and many have not. But whatever you got, if you are buying a refurbished iPhone from one of its authorized sellers, then surely you will get good battery life. Whereas Apple refurbished iPhones carry a new battery replaced with old which guarantees that these refurbished iPhones have good battery life. 

Is it reasonable to buy a refurbished iPhone?

It's never been a bad idea to buy a refurbished iPhone. Usually, refurbished iPhones are listed at a much lower price than a new iPhone. So buying one lets you save money. Moreover, a refurbished iPhone has the same long life and a new case as Apple replaces the old battery and case with a new one. 

When buying a refurbished iPhone, you should make sure that you are buying it directly from Apple or some authorized seller.

How many Years do refurbished iPhones last?

Refurbished iPhones does last long, but it depends upon how much it has already been used. Based on different surveys, 69% of people said that refurbished iPhone get another 2-3 years after being refurbished. 

Even if you had a new iPhone, you might start noticing it getting slower after 5-6 years of use. It is because the life of a refurbished and a new iPhone mainly depends on its use, i.e., which apps you used, and for what purpose it was mainly used (e.g., calling, photography, gaming, or all-purpose like most people do include me xD).

Is it safe to use a refurbished iPhone?

Refurbished iPhones are those iPhones that have been restored themselves being a manufacturer or by some credible service provider. They restore these iPhones to their full potential by replacing old and dead parts with new ones.

These are entirely safe to buy from Apple or one of its authorized sellers as they provide a 1-year warranty and after-sale service just like they provide it to new iPhones buyers.


The life of refurbished iPhones is quite long. It means that it will last you for years, all while saving you money! So if you are looking to purchase an iPhone but don't want the high price tag, consider purchasing a refurbished one. 

They make great gifts too because they usually come with Apple Care which covers accidental damage and theft! Just head over to our collection as we have tons of different refurbished iPhone models available in various colors and storage capacities. So your gift recipient can pick their favorite color and memory size. Now you know about the life of refurbished iPhones, so consider purchasing one today!

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