Why Shopping With plug Is the Best Option

When buying a device you have plenty of options. You can buy used or certified pre-owned. Let us explain why certified pre-owned is the safer and better choice. 

  • Used phones are sold by a private seller, either in-person or online. They typically offer the most substantial discounts, but they also pose the greatest risk. Buyers must rely on the claims of an individual and generally have little to no recourse for broken promises. 
  • Certified Pre-Owned phones offer the highest degree of reassurance. These phones are refurbished as described above and come with a limited warranty. The devices are judged by the seller’s technicians to be in factory-quality condition. As such, the company is willing to stand by the product. 

Here at plug, this is how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and other phone resellers. We not only buy our certified pre-owned devices from Apple, but we also have a 30-day love it, or money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty on the device. This gives our customers the peace of mind that when they buy a device from us, that they will be taken care of if anything happens to that device. Buying used devices off social media marketplaces may save you a little bit of money, but your investment is not protected in any way. 

To go a step further, all of our devices are put through a 70 step functionality test to ensure every aspect of the device works just like a brand new device straight out of the box. With the current times, we are going through sanitation is another major aspect that raises concerns, but we got that covered also! All devices are sanitized before being sent out to customers so they have peace of mind they are receiving a fully functioning and sanitized device.