Why Is A Refurbished iPhone XR An Affordable Superior Quality?

Why Is A Refurbished iPhone XR An Affordable Superior Quality?

Why Is A Refurbished iPhone XR An Affordable Superior Quality?

You can ask anyone why they buy an iPhone, and they will mention that it is a fantastic phone you deserve and a must-have for your tech smarts. Why do people love refurbished iPhones, though? We have the perfect phone for you if you are ready to step up your iPhone game at Plug Tech. 

The refurbished iPhone XR offers 3D face scanning, an edge-to-edge display, and a 6.1-inch screen that give it superior quality and features at an affordable price. A refurbished iPhone XR is perfect if you are looking for a reliable, quality iPhone that doesn't break the bank. It has all the same features as an original one and is even in better condition at some point in its life. 

Why refurbished iPhone XR has superior quality?

The refurbished iPhone XR's superior quality can be attributed to its reconditioned phone by reputable refurbished tech sellers like Plug Tech.

  • Display

The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch IPS Liquid Retina LCD (~326 PPI density). It has had a polarizing effect, with people agreeing that it looks excellent and viewing it as inferior to other flagship devices with larger screens and better pixel density. The iPhone XR retains the True Tone feature (matching the screen's color temperature to lighting conditions).

  • Dimensions

The dimensions of the iPhone XR are height: 150.9 mm, width: 75.7 mm, and depth: 8.3 mm.

  • Cameras

The iPhone XR has a dual-camera setup at the rear and features wide-aperture optical image stabilization. It also supports HDR video recording, live photo filters, and Portrait mode.

  • Rear camera: The screen's 12MP camera has a 1.4-micron lens, wide 26mm field of view, phase detection auto-focus, and optical image stabilization.
  • Front Camera: The camera is equipped with a 7MP, f/2.2 lens with a standard 32mm focal distance.
  • Video Recording

The iPhone XR camera's updated pixel size allows more light to be captured in low-light conditions and scenes with backlighting. The new iPhone XR sensor also captures faster with a 50% greater dynamic range and reduced noise in low light conditions.

  • Battery

iPhone XR has a Li-Ion 2942 mAH battery. The battery life of the new iPhone XR is vastly improved over its predecessor. It's also worth noting that the company has included a battery health monitor, which will warn you if your device is not in prime condition.

  • iPhone XR Audio quality: TRRS cable

iPhone XR supports the TRRS or double-rail interface. Almost all high-end audio equipment uses this, like headphones, earphones, etc. The 3.5mm TRRS connector provides stereo audio, left and suitable microphones, and ground pins.

  • No iPhone XR engraving on the back

iPhone XR doesn't have an engraving of the model number or the back, and it has a single cutout like iPhone SE and iPhone 5. The options for colors were listed as "Yellow, Blue, White, Black, and Red." There are also two-color options for the glass, grey, and white.

  • iPhone XR: Voice call Drop test:

Interestingly, the new iPhone XR has done well in Apple's voice call drop test. The company claims that the phone provides up to 56% fewer call drops than iPhone 8 Plus. It is something which will be noted by users who are looking for a great phone with excellent reception.

With refurbished, what exactly am I getting?

Apple is a luxury brand, and the prices for its products are notoriously high. The company's usual business model is to charge an outrageous amount of money for their products, making an iPhone XR a best-refurbished alternative that's close to the standard price level of a used iPhone XR a tempting prospect.

When you decide to save between 30 and 70% on your mobile phone deal by buying an iPhone XR from Plug Tech, you'll most likely get a smartphone that someone bought and decided to send back within its return period.

You may find a refurbished iPhone XR that's in perfect condition. Or, you might have an option to buy one from someone who scored an iPhone XR from their company when they upgraded to the latest model. Many of these phones are bought new and then returned to the retailers.

Why refurbish iPhone XR?

There are numerous reasons why a refurbished version of this phone should be purchased first over any other product.

Refurbished iPhones are more affordable than the original ones.

The price of a refurbished iPhone XR is decreased from the original one. It can be due to several factors, including lower demand, better supply, and even Apple's efforts to make their phones last for as long as possible. Even though there are other reasons for the price reduction, this one is most likely of primary importance.

You get the colors and storage you want.

There are seven different colors of the iPhone XR, and there are even storage options to suit your needs. However, if you want that and the other features, such as full encryption or an upgraded operating system, buying a refurbished version is the best way.

You get a phone that has been thoroughly tested.

The iPhone XR has already been thoroughly tested for several different things by Apple before being made available for purchase. The product has been tested multiple times before being resold in most cases. It means that any issues you may have had with your phone can be fixed immediately, which will guarantee your satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, we recommend buying used. This way, you're able to get your hands on a great phone without breaking the bank. Here at Plug Tech, we pride ourselves on our top-quality refurbished iPhones!

All the devices have been tested before being sold to ensure that they are non-defective and ready for use. When you buy an iPhone XR used from Plug Tech, you'll know what condition it's in because each one is listed after strict controls and testing phase. Grab a perfect deal for yourself today :D

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