What Do Phone Grades Mean at Plug?

What Do Phone Grades Mean at Plug?

Here at Plug after we test all devices for 100% functionality we then classify the devices into 3 categories. Like New, Good, and Ecofriendly. Each condition has its own character, meaning, that our like-new will have no visible scratches and our eco-friendly will have visible cosmetic wear and scratches. But, all the devices will function 100% like a brand new device. Below will be a more in-depth description of our conditions: 

Like New

This condition phone will look and feel like a brand new device. Like new devices will have no noticeable scratches on the display or frame and will function as a new device.


This condition phone will have 1-2 visible scratches or nicks on the display, or frame, or back. We recommend putting a case on this device condition to make the device look like new.


This condition phone will have visible scratches, and maybe even some dents on the exterior. A case will cover up most of the imperfections. The screen may have small scratches that are visible when the device is on.

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