What Are Eco-Deals at plug?

   Plug is now offering 'Eco-Deals'. These deals will be one time offers. These devices are 100% functional, but they do not classify as like-new, good, or eco-friendly on our grading scale. What this means for you is even better deals if you do not mind screen discoloration or exterior flaw on your device. 

With that being said, these deals will not always be available, they will be present when we come across devices that we do not feel fit our grading rubric. Rest assured, the devices will be 100% functional as all of our products are tested in house for over 70 key points and functionality. 

Examples of 'eco-deals' and what to expect with this section of devices is as follows: small crack in a corner of a MacBook, screen discoloration on the iPad display, and iPhones with cracks on the screen/no face recognition capabilities. The best part? All of these devices still come with our 12-month exclusive warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase of any device from plug. 


The plug Team