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The Best iPhone For College Kids - ecommsellcom

Think iPhones don’t belong in the classroom? Well, You’re wrong. Technology in higher education is becoming more and more useful in everyday life for students and faculty as well. Apple has an amazing app store, and colleges and universities are finding some brilliant ways to work the devices into tech initiatives.

Many universities have their own campus admissions apps. As a college student, an iPhone 11 would be perfect. With most college apps the latest update on the iPhone 11 features an application status check for prospective students, a transfer credit equivalency guide, campus map, and campus news, among other things that are highly needed being a college student.


The battery of the iPhone 11 is extremely good! You can get up to 17 hours of video playback, 10 hours of streaming video, and 65 hours of audio playback, which is an hour longer than the iPhone XR. Being able to have your iPhone last for long periods of time while on campus is essential to being a college student.

Many colleges require students to bring their iPhone to class as a way to take attendance or answer in-class questions. As most students aren’t likely to forget to bring their phones and many apps you can find in the Apple store allow questions beyond simple multiple choice.

Remember getting lost searching for classes during your first year on campus? Many campus apps feature GPS on their campus maps to help students easily locate the correct buildings or campus landmarks. It may not be the most cutting edge use of an iPhone 11 but it’s useful nevertheless.

The iPhone 11 has the perfect display for a college student. The iPhone 11 “all-screen” design gives you a bigger, brighter picture than ever before. The iPhone 11 also boasts top of the line OLED panels that provide greater color accuracy and sharpness than any previous iPhone. That means you’ll be able to stream high definition lecture content and read e-textbooks in the palm of your hand.

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