The Best Fitness Watch For Your Mom –Tested Them!

The Best Fitness Watch For Your Mom –Tested Them!

The Best Fitness Watch For Your Mom –Tested Them!

If your mother is anything like mine, she's always asking you how many steps you've taken today and reminding you to drink more water. 

Always on the go and never has a spare minute to herself, looking for ways to make her life easier and more efficient! That’s why I think a fitness watch would make the perfect gift for her!

But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose. That's why I've put together this handy guide – I've tested various fitness watches, so you don't have to!

Which Is The Best Mom Watch Of All Brands?

I started my testing by looking at some of the most popular fitness watches on the market, like the Fitbit and the Apple Watch

The Fitbit was surprisingly accurate in tracking steps and heart rate, and it motivated to move more throughout the day. However, it didn't have a color screen, and the interface is a bit confusing. 

If you move over to known brands like Garmin and Samsung then it’s a different experience. While these watches were okay in terms of functionality, they didn't have that "wow" factor. 

In the end, I decided that neither of these options would be suitable for my mom. Then it was time to look to test Apple Watches. They are impressive but expensive! 

The Apple Watch has a sleek design, a color touch screen, and an easy-to-use interface. It also offers many features my mom would love, like tracking her steps, heart rate, and burning calories. 

Plus, she could use it to stay connected with my family, even when we're not in the same place.

After much deliberation, it’s safe to say that Apple watches are great fit from Moms! They are  stylish, functional, and easy to use – everything she needs in a watch!

Top Picks To Make This Holiday Season.

Find out what it's like to own one, and see our top-rated apple watches that are worth your time!

  1. Apple Watch Series 4 44mm

Available in $170 at Plug Tech. The newest addition to the Apple Watch lineup, the Series 4, is the best yet! The newest release from Apple is the thinnest and lightest yet, with a new design sure to turn heads.

The most notable feature of this model is its GPS capabilities, which will allow you to use your watch as an external navigation device for outdoor activities like hiking or running when paired wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (which also includes music streaming from Spotify).

Additionally, there's increased storage capacity and faster processor speed than previous generations, so it'll be easier not just to navigate through apps but do things such as stream video and music.

  1. Apple Watch Series 5 40mm

The newest version of the apple watch, the Watch Series 5, was released in September 2019.

The biggest new feature is the always-on display, which allows you to see the time and your watch face without raising your wrist or tapping the display.

The Series 5 also features an updated design, a new case material (aluminum), and a new retina display.

Additionally, the Series 5 has a built-in compass and new safety features, such as the ability to send an emergency SOS and fall detection.

If you're looking for the newest and best apple watch, the Series 5 is the way to go! Get in for $210 only.

  1. Apple Watch Se 40mm

The Apple Watch is a sleek and stylish timepiece designed to take your mind off things like work or school with its easy-to-use interface. 

It can also be used for fitness tracking, storing music on the device's onboard storage system (which will continue playing even if there isn't an internet connection), finding lost items using GPS functionality, and other cool features!

And now, the latest model – the Apple Watch SE – is available at just $245. The biggest difference between this and the Series 5 is the lack of an always-on display, but it still has all the features that make the Series 5 great.

So, if you're looking for a gift for your mom this holiday season, an Apple Watch is a great choice! Fitness-oriented, fashionable, and packed with features, it's the perfect gift for any mom who wants to stay connected and active.

Why A Fitness Watch Is A Perfect Gift For Your Mom?

A fitness watch is a perfect accessory for any active mom. Here are three reasons why a fitness watch makes the perfect gift for your mom:

1. Fitness Watch Is Both Functional And Stylish. 

Your mom can easily track her fitness goals while also looking good! Various fitness watches are on the market to suit any style, from sporty to chic. 

Many fitness watches also come equipped with heart rate monitoring and GPS, making them the perfect all-in-one device for any active mom.

2. It’s Great To Encourage Your Mom To Be More Active. 

A fitness watch can be a great motivator if your mom is inactive! Seeing her activity level (or lack thereof) each day will encourage her to get up and move. Being more active has countless benefits, including improved heart health, increased energy levels, and weight loss. Help your mom live healthier by giving her the gift of a fitness watch!

3. Think Of It As A Thoughtful And Unique Gift. 

Chances are, your mom does not have a fitness watch yet. Show her how much you care by getting her something she doesn't already have! A fitness watch is sure to be a hit with any active or inactive mom alike.

Back To You

The bottom line is that if your mom wants a fitness watch, the Apple Watch Series is the one to get. It has all the features she needs and is easy to use. But don't just take my word for it – visit Plug Tech today and find the best deals on Apple Watches and other top-brand fitness watches. And be sure to tell your mom happy Mother's Day from me!

All these watches have features that your mother will find useful in her quest to live healthier lifestyles. So, what are you waiting for?

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