Refurbished iPhone XS Max or XR: Which one to buy in 2022

Refurbished iPhone XS Max or XR: Which one to buy in 2022

Should you buy a Refurbished iPhone XS Max or XR?

  If you are looking to choose between iPhone XS Max and XR, then just like me, you might have observed that since 2018 Apple has been making it harder for its loyal customers to pick up their next model or an upgrade. Both the models are great, and someone hard loyal might buy both (not me :P). 

Purchasing a refurbished model brings a great deal as it saves a lot of money as well as it delivers the same touch & taste of technology as new. Picking up between XS max and XR solely depends on your need, but here we will be putting up the main differences and what value and advantage each model has over the other for you, which will help you make the final decision.

iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR: brilliant brain, similar performance

  iPhone XR and XS max both carry the same CPU - A12 Bionic chip, a 7nm 6core chip. It means they can run the latest iOS and supports future updates. This CPU is 15% faster and 40% more energy efficient than its older versions. Also, both models feature Face ID, which is Apple's biometric authentication system. 

Refurbished iPhone XS Max or XR: Screen and Display

  The major difference, which anyone can tell simply by looking at both the iPhone XR and XS Max, is their screen size and design. iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD with 2436 * 1125 pixels, whereas XS Max has a larger 6.5-inch OLED with a 1242*2688 revolution (as its name XS max is big). The iPhone model has an edge display, making them great but perfect. But XS max has the edge over XR with its bigger OLED screen.

Refurbished iPhone XS Max or XR: Design and Colour

  Coming to its design, iPhone XR is made up of aluminum glass, and on the other hand, XS max is made up of stainless steel and glass, which make it sleeker. If you are color picky, you may like the refreshing colors from iPhone XR. You know the exciting model comes in 6 different colors White, Black, Coral, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Whereas XS max has not that many color options – it's more like having classic colors, i.e., Gold, Space Gray, and silver.

iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR: Cameras snapshot review

  As I said earlier, Apple is making it difficult to choose the phone models (XD). These iPhone models have the same front camera, a 7 MP true depth camera with a face ID. Literally, there is no difference in the front camera of both XR and XS Max. When it comes to the rear camera iPhone, XS Max has a dual-lens 12 MP wide-angle camera. It also features dual optical image stabilization, telephoto camera, 4k recording, and 2X optical zoom. Well, here, the iPhone XS Max takes the lead with its dual-lens rear camera, but if you are not a photography person, then iPhone XR will not bore you.

iPhone XS Max vs. XR: Battery and Charging

  Battery, Ah! The most crucial part is the topic of iPhones (not joking!). iPhone XR or iPhone XS Max; both model has wireless charging option. Coming to battery life, if we see practically based on mixed usage, both iPhones XR and XS max give the same battery hour, i.e., 13 – 13.5 hours. Technically if we see XS max have a larger display, thus consumes more battery compared to XR with a bit smaller screen. When used both on a single charge, the iPhone XR lasted more than 13.5 hours, whereas XS max was dead before 13 hours. 

iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR: Heavy Storage

  When launched by Apple, both the phones came up with 256 GB as max storage, but since Apple has discontinued iPhone XR, now it's normally available in 64 GB and 128 GB and rarely 256 GB. In contrast, the iPhone XS Max comes with three different options, including 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. These three more extensive options make XS max the best option over iPhone XR for entertainment and gaming purposes, not ignoring its dual rear camera for photography.

iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR: What are decision-making factors?

  Which new iPhone should you buy: the refurbished iPhone XS Max or the XR? Ah! both are great phones, but which one is right for you? There are several factors to consider when making your decision. You have got them all, but is it still hard to decide? Friend, let's make it easy. The end goal is to get the best value for your money.

Go with the one that appeals to you most but doesn't forget to purchase a refurbished iPhone :D Today they give the best value for money. It's as they are less costly with all functions and performance just like a new one. As a hardcore Apple fan, my friends see me eating, drinking, and sleeping with them. 

You are right! The die-hard apple fan has got a variety of refurbished iPhones from Plug Tech. Why don't you visit them for the best deal! So, iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone XR: what's my choice. If I am buying one today, I will go with a refurbished iPhone XR as, from my perspective, it has the edge over iPhone XR. 

Just to mention, I will buy it from Plug Tech as their refurbished tech items are great. I had a glimpse of their display, and they have got perfectly refurbished iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models. Please give them a visit now to grab the best deals on refurbished iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, Super Quality!

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