Every year a new iPhone is released and millions of tech-savvy consumers dive head first into the latest iPhone. While others never question this constant hype-cycle, some of you aren't afraid to ask the question we've all been asking.
"What happens to all these old devices and do they still have value?". Take the iPhone 8 for instance, do you think this device still holds its own despite the iPhone 12 release? Simply put, of course, despite being released 3 years ago the iPhone 8 still has excellent features and has a lot left to offer in the years to come! 

iPhone 8 Features:

(A general overlook at the main features the iPhone 8 offers)

iOS (Operating System)

iOS 11, iOS 12+ (compatible with iOS 14)


12 Hours

Screen Size (Display)

4.7" LCD

Screen Resolution

1334 x 750 Pixels

Device Size 

Weight: 5.22 oz

Width: 2.65in

Height: 5.45in


Red, Gold, Silver, Space Grey


F/ 1.8 lens (front camera)
12 megapixels (rear camera)


Apple A11 Bionic Chip
Memory Capacity 64 GB, 256 GB


2 GB

Network Compatibility 

4G LTE, 4G

Water Resistance 


Dust Proof 

Upgraded Models iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Review: The Breakdown

The iPhone 8 was the very last iPhone of it's kind while helping Apple pave the way for a lot of the newer features seen in today's iPhones. While the device itself resembles older iPhone designs the software in the device is far more superior. Apple made sure to place an emphasis on both camera & video quality, video editing, phone speed, and battery life.



Similar to the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 also lacks the auxiliary port for the audio-jack import which has now become the norm for iPhones across the board. While the iPhone 8 doesn't have any extraordinary audio features outside of design, the device's audio is still top tier. Unlike earlier iPhone models, the iPhone 8 is compatible with AirPods and still is compatible with lightning adapter cables in case any of you aren't too big on the cordless earphone hype!


Design: What's New?

While the iPhone 8 may look like older Apple models the device itself does include a lot of new features. The iPhone 8 marked the introduction of 4K Video, Augmented Reality capabilities, and the beloved screen-recording features. This emphasis on software design improvement not only helped the development of future iPhone releases but still gives the iPhone 8 credibility in todays market and future markets as well.


Operating System: iOS 11 & Above 

The software capabilities of the iPhone 8 had never been seen before as Apple debuted its then new iOS 11 which changed the game! iOS 11 introduced an entirely different control center that users loved but weren't accustomed to. The addition of an updated control center layout made it easier to access new features such as power-saving mode, screen recording, etc. Not only does the iPhone 8 come with iOS 11, the device itself has the ability to upgrade to the more recent iOS systems seen today such as iOS 14 which only increases the devices longevity in the market.


Camera: How Will My Pictures Look?

The iPhone 8 (with iOS 11) took the smartphone market by storm in terms of photography, videography and camera quality. When compared to earlier iPhone models, the iPhone 8's operating system allows for it to store more photos due to the photos, recordings, etc. taking up less space. The device also comes equipped with a 4K video which enables the device to record at 60 frames per second, in addition to shooting excellent slow-motion video at 240 frames per second with an astonishing 1080p resolution! The devices strong operating system makes it the ideal device for photo-lovers. The app store offers tons of apps that allows for iPhone 8 users to edit their videos and photos anyway they choose. 


Size (Dimensions): Size Matters, You know it!

When compared to the iPhone 7 the iPhone 8 is is slightly larger as its measures around 5.5in x 2.7in x 0.29in and weighs about 5.2 ounces. The size similarity allows for you to use the same sized accessories (phone cases, portable charging cases, waisted holders, etc.) that may have been purchased with the iPhone 7 as well. The iPhone 8 also comes in the Plus condition for those of you who use device for entertainment purposes such as watching videos, editing, or mobile gaming. All in All the iPhone 8 gives customers a chance to have the best of both world as it satisfies the needs of those who like smaller devices but also the needs of those who enjoy a larger device with more display screen and a larger body.


Storage: Can it Actually Hold All My Stuff?

Anyone who has been an avid iPhone user since the beginning knows one of Apples largest issues was memory capacity. This was prominent in the iPhone 7 as the 7 only offered the 64GB and 256GB (which was discontinued and very hard to find). To combat this issue, the iPhone 8 comes in both 64GB and 256GB and has not been limited to supply. iOS 11 also plays a huge role in the ability for the 8 to store memory as photos, videos, etc. take up less space. 


iPhone 8 Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Wireless headphones (Compatible with Airpods) Battery life is similar to the iPhone 7
Water & dust resistance  No headphone jack (unless you get a lightning adapter)
A11 Bionic Chip (fast) Debuted in 2017
Wireless Charging  No 5G Compatibility 
Cheap to Repair  No Face-ID 
Touch-ID  Older iPhone design
Screen Recording 
Portrait Lighting (Portrait Mode)
4K Video 
Better mobile gaming (A11 Bionic)


Should I Buy the iPhone 8 in 2022? 

YES! When it comes to devices that still have what it takes to satisfy all of your needs in 2022, the iPhone 8 is more than capable of doing so. The iPhone 8 offers you a chance to pay are the cheapest cost for a device that will be in the market for years to come. The device itself is idealistic for any and everyone no matter your age. 

  • Children (7-13)

The iPhone 8 is perfect for grade-school age children as it enables them to stay in touch with the latest trends while still having a "legit iPhone" at a discounted price. The device itself is extremely durable while repairs, if damaged, are very affordable. It's the perfect device to help young children establish early responsibilities while allowing them the chance to do something they love, watching videos, taking photos, and mobile gaming!


  • Teens (13-17)

While teens are more tech-savvy than children, the iPhone 8 still serves as a great device for teenagers. It's inexpensive and offers the latest software updates that even the newer devices have to offer. It's a great starter phone for teenagers looking to branch out from under their parents and show not only parents but themselves and their peers how much they've matured. In many cases, teens will be buying their own devices soon, so for them all that matters is what the device has to offer and if its in style. When it comes to the iPhone 8, neither is an issue as the iPhone 8 evolves with iOS and will always be in style due to its design, price, and OG iPhone features that can't all be found in today's iPhone. 

  • Young adults (18-34)

The iPhone 8 is idealistic for young adults, what's more appealing to a young adult than cheap and up-to-date while still being a top-tier brand. Realistically young adults already understand technology and are tech savvy enough to understand the iPhone 8 is more than just a Bang-for-the-Buck! The iPhone 8 is perfect for someone looking to save a ton on a device that will be of use for them to years to come. The iPhone 8 can be passed down to younger siblings and children as it has features that age groups need in a device. If you can't afford the newest iPhone or just want to wait it our but still enjoy the best Apple has to offer then the iPhone 8 is the way to go!

  • Adults (35+)

Of all the iPhones the iPhone 8 is one of the few iPhones that has done well with both the adult crowd and children. The device itself is extremely durable making it the excellent work phone for adults who need to get a job done and could care less about style and all the glamour associated with the iPhone. IT also serves as a great starting device for adults who aren't yet familiar with iPhones due to its iOS 11 operating system that all other iOS systems have been built on. This allows for adults to learn as they upgrade and also gives them the chance to pass on their devices to children responsibly as they now know how to control and supervise smartphones and the software within them. As a result of this both adults and the children influenced by adults are bale to establish a sense of connectivity in the technological age gap. 


Where Can I Buy an iPhone 8 Online? 

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