Is the iPhone 7 Worth it in 2022? – Review

Is the iPhone 7 Worth it in 2022? – Review


iPhone 7 Features:

(A general overlook at the main features the iPhone 7 offers)


iOS (Operating System)

iOS v 10


12 Hours

Screen Size (Display)

4.7 inch

Screen Resolution

750 x 1334 Pixels

Device Size 

Weight: 5 oz

Width: 2.64in

Height: 5.44in


Black, Gold, Silver, Jet Black, Rose Gold


7 megapixels (front camera)
12 megapixels (rear camera)


Apple A10 Fusion


2 GB

Network Compatibility 

4G, 3G, 2G

Water Resistance 


Dust Proof 

Upgraded Models No (Non-Applicable)

iPhone 7 Review: The Breakdown 

Apple still 100% supports the iPhone 7 and continues to do so through 2022. Despite its September 2016 debut, the iPhone 7 is still a superior smartphone that has since paved the way for future iPhone releases



The iPhone 7 marked one of the biggest changes in iPhone history as Apple removed the traditional headphone jack. Despite public discomfort, due to iPhone users now needing wireless headphones (Airpods) or a lightning adapter, this feature has become the norm for all of todays iPhones. 


Design: What's New? 

When it comes to design the iPhone 7 was the first of its kind as the new designed offered both dust-resistance and water-resistant features. The device itself can be submerged in up to 2 feet of water (rain isn't an issue) for at roughly around 30 minutes before the device is subject to water damaged. In addition to new and improved durability features, the iPhone 7 offers new physical features as well (home-button, audio jack, colors)


Home Button: How Does it Work? 

The iPhone 7 was Apple's first initial step towards changing the original 'click it' home button. Instead of having to worry about clicking the home button, Apple incorporated a Touch-ID home button, which not only made unlocking your device easier, but also solved the issue many customers had with broken home buttons. Despite it's slow acceptance, the incorporation of a pressure-triggered Touch-ID home button was eventually the norm for all iPhones up until the X. 


Operating System: How's the iOS

While Apple has developed newer iOS systems in more recent year, the iPhone 7's iOS v 10 operating system is still well worth the purchase. To further ensure customers of this Apple has ensure customers that iOS v 10 will still be supported throughout 2022. Not only is iOS v 10 durable but this specific operating system is also highly functional allowing iPhone 7 owners still carry out majority of the same actions that newer iOS offer.  


Size (Dimensions): Size Matters, You know it!

If you are someone who tends to like smaller devices the iPhone 7 is perfect for you! The device itself only offers a screen size of only 4.7in, however the phone is a bit bulkier than new iPhone models. All in all the iPhone 7 is a smaller device that offers customers a thicker and bulkier feel when in ones hand. 


Storage: Can it Actually Hold All My Stuff?

Unlike some of the new iPhone models, the 7 doesn't quite offer as many options when it comes to storage. While the device does offer two different storage variations (64GB or 256GB) there is no option to add additional memory via an extra sim or storage device. 


iPhone 7 Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Wireless headphones  Older iOS system (iOS 10)
Water resistance  No headphone jack (unless you get a lightning adapter)
Dust Resistance  Debuted in 2016
Extensive battery life  No 5G Compatibility 
Cheap to Repair 

Should I Buy the iPhone 7 in 2022? 

Absolutely, the iPhone 7 is definitely a reliable device despite it being 2022! Anyone searching for a cheap yet durable smartphone that still offers the most recent Apple features should consider the iPhone 7. Due to the iPhone 7 being a bit older than current devices it is also much cheaper to repair and the device itself has a ton of accessories to select from due to its popularity. If you don't believe us then believe Apple, they has reassured customers that the iPhone 7 will be supported and continued by Apple until the start of 2023 at least


Where Can I Buy an iPhone 7 Online? 

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