Is plug better tech legit?

This has to be the million dollar question, is plug better tech legit? The plug brand may still be relatively new, however, our operations have been around for over a decade. We have served the Metro St. Louis area during this time and we now offer our deals to people worldwide through ecommerce. When people first see our site they are a little skeptical because our deals are best around, so of course they think this must be a scam because its too good to be true, but rest assured we are here to provide you with the best deals on certified pre-owned tech. 

 When you think about purchasing a new phone, its hard to not assume its going to cost you a ton of money, but with us we offer 40%-70% in savings compared to other retailers. Not only do you get to save from a financial stand point, but you also get to help improve our environment by cutting down on e-waste.