iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S10

iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S10

There are a lot of smartphone companies out there in the market right now. You can find a smartphone with every single feature you need. However, selecting the right smartphone is not an easy task. You must consider many things such as screen size, battery life, storage space, camera quality, etc.

If you want to know which smartphone is better than the other, you must consider all the above factors and many more. But how do you compare two different smartphones with the same price? Let's discover the answer with our iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 comparison. In this post, we'll walk you through the pros and cons of each device so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Display: iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

The display is one of the most important features when choosing a smartphone. You need to consider screen size, resolution, and color temperature. The display size and resolution will determine the size of the display and the number of pixels on the screen.

The iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10 both have a 6.1-inch display. However, the iPhone XR has a resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a resolution of 1,440 x 3,120 pixels.

The iPhone XR is the new flagship model for the iPhone range. It's the largest LCD ever on an iPhone, and it's much sharper than any previous iPhone LCD. On the downside, the iPhone XR's LCD is not as bright or colorful as an AMOLED display. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10's AMOLED panel is one of the best you can buy today. It offers higher contrast, wider viewing angles, and more accurate color reproduction. With the display of the S10, the difference on a 6.1 screen is questionable. But there's no doubt that its screen looks gloriously vibrant.

Features: iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

The iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy S10 are two of the latest and best phones available. They have some similar features, but some differences make them different. What matters when buying a phone is which phone has the features you want.


The iPhone XR has no Touch ID or 3D Touch. It has Face ID, which maps your facial features in about half a second. You'll love your Samsung Galaxy S10. It provides the best of both worlds - great design, a powerful processor, and stunning camera capabilities. It features an in-display 'Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor and face unlocking technology.


Both phones are water-resistant, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 is slightly better than the iPhone XR because it has a higher IP68 rating, so you don't have to worry about dropping them in the pool or shower. Even though they're not waterproof, they're still a great buy.

Voice assistants

Voice assistants are present on both phones, too. Samsung's Bixby is sometimes fun and helpful, but Apple's Siri is more detail oriented. That said, neither are a patch on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Pros and Cons

iPhone XR


  • iPhone XR is one of the most affordable iPhones on the market.
  • It has the best camera on a Smartphone.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The iPhone XR has a dual-camera system on the back.


  • It doesn't have a headphone jack.
  • Limited Storage.

Samsung Galaxy S10


  • Samsung Galaxy S10 has an excellent camera.
  • It has a headphone jack.
  • It has a micro SD card slot.


  • It was expensive.
  • It has less storage than other phones in its price range.

iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy S10: Camera

The Galaxy S10's camera is a powerful tool for capturing professional-quality photos and videos. It's a versatile camera that can capture high-quality images in various conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 rear-facing camera has three lenses, with its regular camera being 12 MP and its telephoto being 12 MP. The Pixel 3 has a camera sensor that offers a lot of flexibility when setting up the photos, and we love how the wide-angle lens offers some impressive image quality. 

It's much better than the iPhone XR. The XR beast has a single 7 MP wide-angle camera on the front and is one of the better selfie cameras out there, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a single 10 MP f/1/. Nine cameras. The Samsung S10 also supports HDR recording, as does the iPhone XR, and both perform very well in low light conditions. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR has a single 12 MP f/1.8 wide-angle camera.

iPhone XR vs. Samsung Galaxy S10: Battery

The iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10 both have unique features, but they also have some things in common. They both come with the latest in technology and have similar battery life. There are some differences between these two phones, though. Now friend, let's see how they stack up in battery life. 

iPhone XR, The iPhone XR, has a smaller battery than the Samsung Galaxy! The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 3400 mAh battery, while the iPhone XR has a 2942 mAh battery. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will outlast the iPhone XR. 

You can get about 20 hours of use out of the Samsung Galaxy S10, while you'll only get 16 hours of use out of the iPhone XR. Battery life is vital for any smartphone, but it's essential for people who use their phones. If you spend much time on your phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 may be better for you because it will give you more time to use it.

Most smartphones have wireless charging, but the new Samsung S10 has a feature called Wireless Power Share that allows it to act as a wireless charging pad for other Samsung devices.  

There are a lot of talks these days about the future of technology. One of the most exciting things is wireless power, which, while it doesn't charge as fast as wired chargers, can help you out of a pinch.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 are both excellent phones. They're also very similar. XR is slightly smaller and has a better camera. It also has a faster processor. It's a little bit more expensive, but the iPhone XR has more to offer. So, for your next great phone with a good camera, you can't go wrong with the iPhone XR.