iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12: Who is 2022 genius little brother?

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12: Who is 2022 genius little brother?

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12: Who is 2022 genius little brother?

Hi, best friend, more than likely, you clicked on this because of the title. You want to know who the genius little brother is :D So first, it's important to understand that there is no single answer here because iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12 both serve different needs. But I will tell you which phone is better for you.

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12: Who is 2022 genius little brother?

So, let's start to figure out which phone is better for you. I'm sure you want to get a phone that allows you to work harder, longer, and better for the workaholics. This is why you need the iPhone XR. Nobody wants to work more and longer than others. 

With the extra processing power of a 3000 mAh battery, more storage, and now the new A12 Bionic chip, it will last you all day. Plus, the extra storage is a big deal. If you want to store more photos and videos, or if you're a blogger, or if you simply need more space to store your apps, this will make your life much easier.

Power vs social engagement

The new A12 Bionic chip is 100 times more potent than the previous A11, so when you need to make that high-speed call or check your email, it will perform as you were on an iPhone 12—no more waiting for the phone to be charged. 

You can get the iPhone XR for more social because it's a beautiful device. I know you care about the look of your phone, and you want to get the best looking one. Plus, with a splash-resistant body and water-resistant speakers, you can have quality time without worrying about the weather or making a call in the rain. 

With a bigger iPhone XR screen and an incredible screen-to-body ratio, you get a massive screen for your comments and reactions. You can still take photos, and this even comes with improved low-light photography.

LTE Connectivity and better experience

For the more active, you need a phone with LTE connectivity. This is why the iPhone XR is your answer. So, with up to 2x faster LTE speeds, it will completely transform how fast you can download apps and videos for smoother streaming and a better gaming experience.

The LTE connection also has a big deal regarding the internet and gives you faster access to the entire web. So, you need to pick one that you can take around to take selfies with friends, and for the more daring, you're going to get a much better experience with the iPhone XR.

Your Selfie friend and TrueDepth camera

For the more selfie friend, you need a phone that captures the best of you. With portrait mode on the camera, it will make you look so beautiful like a model, and thanks to Face ID, the iPhone XR is your next selfie device model. You will be able to capture your best self with the excellent TrueDepth camera that supports portrait mode.

The TrueDepth camera also helps you with your Face ID to touch your phone without worrying about fingerprints, and using facial recognition, will allow you to unlock your phone. And if you feel like your eyes are bigger than your face, no worries because both the front & rear cameras are augmented.

Amazing experience

Augmented means that the iPhone XR has a better camera, and with great photos, it will give you a more amazing selfie experience. Plus, the iPhone XR has even a larger screen because it's 6.1" and is almost a half-inch bigger & it also has more storage capacity. So, if you love to take pictures and want to take more snaps, you need this phone.

Are you an artist or art lover?

For the artists, you need a phone that makes your artwork look amazing, or you can use it to capture your best works. The iPhone XR can do both :D

You can use it to take the perfect photos of your artwork and instantly share them with your friends, or you can use it to create a masterpiece. With the improved Face ID and the advanced A12 Bionic chip, you can use your phone to create an app or a game.

TrueDepth sensors in the iPhone XR are advanced, so you get better performance. Plus, with the powerful Bionic chip in it, you can use your device without worrying about performance. For the trendsetters and trend breakers, you need a more water-resistant phone than other phones in the market.

What about the water-resistant body?

With the new water-resistant speaker system, you can take your phone into the pool or the beach. This will give you a different experience when taking a selfie. Plus, the iPhone XR is not only water-resistant but also has a splash resistance body so that you can take a wet selfie in your pool or on the beach.

The iPhone XR's water-resistant body means it can survive drops, spills, and dunks. It's why some people call it the "liquid phone. It is a big deal because of the liquid body, and with better water resistance, you are more likely to take more selfies in the pool, beach, or anywhere else.

Are you a social media junkie? 

You need to get an iPhone XR because it's the best and most powerful phone for social media. Why? Because of the Face ID, it will make your life easier. You can take awe-inspiring selfies without having to deal with dumb passwords, and if you love posting funny quotes on Instagram, you need to get an iPhone XR

The Face ID is just incredible, and it will give you faster access to Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12 is just a big deal because of the Face ID feature. Plus, you get a big beautiful 6.5" screen, so when you post a selfie, it will look even more amazing.


iPhone XR vs. iPhone 12: What’s better?

It's always hard to tell which one is better, so it's better to get both if you are more indecisive. Two phones can be the difference between a great life and an awful one. So, get your iPhone XR or 12 from Plug Tech and when you're out with friends, make sure to use them. You will be glad you did!

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