iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12- Which is the heaviest hitter?

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12- Which is the heaviest hitter?

Extremely Similar Features

 The very first thing that should be known about these two models is: the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 both have the same size display, 6.1". While both devices will appear the same, the weight of the 12 Pro is roughly 25g more than the standard 12. Both models share the IP68 rating and Apple's new "ceramic shield" screen technology. With this new technology, studies show it is roughly four times stronger than older handsets.  

A Deeper Analysis

  If you're looking just for the differences, it will be a hard task with both the 12 Pro and 12. We say this because just looking at the screen, they appear to be the same, however, the brightness on the 12 Pro gets up to 800 nits under typical conditions compared to the 12, which only gets to 600 nits under typical conditions. Other than that, both models really operate with a 60 Hz refresh rate, making both models weirdly similar. There is a major difference, but you cannot physically see it, so you wouldn't know unless you're familiar with the hardware between the two models. The 12 Pro operates on 6GB of RAM compared to the 4GB of RAM the 12 possesses, but you cannot see any performance difference whatsoever. 

What Really Matters

 When deciding on what phone works for you, its easy to get caught up in the better specs on paper. But can the naked eye really see these little differences that makes the other device "better"? At the end of the day its very easy to get caught up in that kind of stuff, but don't make phone shopping more difficult than it needs to be. Both devices are great, but having the iPhone 12 Pro compared to the standard 12 will not wow anyone more than the other. Plug is a perfect location to shop for certified pre-owned devices at the best prices. Shop at http://plug.tech for all your device needs today.