iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 Vs. iPhone XS Max: Which is worthy of buying in 2021?

  Do you have an iPhone XS Max, or are you wondering if it is time to upgrade? Or are you looking at the new iPhone 11 and not sure what to do? This blog post will compare the two phones and help you decide which is the best buy for you in 2021. Both phones have some great features, but a few key differences may make one of them a better option for you. Keep reading to learn more about iPhone 11 Vs. iPhone XS Max!

Should you buy a Refurbished iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max?

  The iPhone XS Max was released in 2018, whereas the iPhone 11 was released exactly one year later in 2019, but with a faster processor. Both iPhone models are fantastic since they have so many great features.

There are slight changes in processor, display, battery performance, etc. we will have a quick overview of where iPhone 11 improves or lacks in front of iPhone XS max. If you are about to buy a new iPhone or upgrade and are confused between iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max, consider buying a refurbished iPhone model. Now let get an overview to know if you should buy a Refurbished iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max?

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Max: Processor performance

  Being the latest model, iPhone 11 is equipped with an A13 bionic chip turning it into the fastest smartphone. This mobile can work for years as A13 will not last short. iPhone XS Max lags with an A12 bionic chip. It is better but not the best as iPhone 11.

This new chip improves your camera as well. It enables you to record your videos smoothly and comforts other features like face ID and better image processing. iPhone 11 has a 9.65% faster CPU speed as compared to iPhone XS Max.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XS Max: Camera comparison

  The iPhone camera is usually the primary selling point. And it competes fiercely in terms of specs and quality, so let's get started. iPhone 11 got a fantastic camera setup with a dual 12MP rear camera and an ultra-wide lens. It allows you to capture whole scenes. 

Dual-LED dual-tone flash and HDR are unique perks, while iPhone XS Max also has a dual rear camera and one 12MP telephoto lens. With an iPhone 11 in hand, you couldn't capture that 2x telephoto zoom, but those aesthetic landscape shots and breath-taking wide-angle clicks are enough to bear this loss.

When we talk about front cameras, the iPhone 11 takes a significant lead over XS Max as it has got 12 MP instead of a 7MP camera. Both can record 4k videos at 30 and 60 fps, but iPhone 11 can also handle quality at 120 fps.

iPhone 11 series works exceptionally in low light camera performance, and it seems like Apple has done quality work on this. It has a night mode to brightens the views for excellent low-light photos.

Similarly, deep fusion in iPhone 11 is a significant upgrade to improve your photos quality. It makes your videos smoother, reducing noise and capture the minor details.

To sum up iPhone 11 has the better camera and indeed is the winner.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max: Battery life

  There isn't any major in batteries mAH (iPhone 11 – 3110 mAH, iPhone XS Max-3174mAH), but other factors like improved processor enhance the battery life. On average, iPhone 11 May lasts for 11 hours or more while The XS Max may last up to 9 hours approximately.

In terms of charging, both supports fast charging and wireless charging. If you frequently remain inside, XS Max can work for you. Otherwise, iPhone 11 can help you to stay active for longer intervals.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max: Finer display

  iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch display size, while iPhone XS Max has got a 5.8-inch display. iPhone XS Max has an OLED display while iPhone 11 has an LCD screen, and there are differences in their resolutions. 

The latest model has a lower resolution of 1792*828 pixels, while the older one has got better resolution of 2436*1125. It has been seen iPhone XS Max has more vibrant colors, sharpened screen pixels, and a better screen overall.

Based on customer review, iPhone XS Max has a better display over iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max: Drop and dunk tests?

  Apple claims iPhone 11 is the robust smartphone made of durable glass. When it was dropped from six feet, the results were a severe glass break. For a 30-minute 5-foot dunk test, it showed signs of deformation.

It's interesting to know that when iPhone XS Max was dropped from 10 feet and 6 feet heights, it survived through but caused a slight malfunction in the display. iPhone XS Max stays well with the dunk tests.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max: storage and prices

  iPhone 11 is available in three different storage sizes, each with its own set of features (64GB, 128GB, and 256GB). The iPhone XS Max is available in 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage options. Because you won't add any external storage to your device, choosing a 256GB model is best.

The prices vary slightly depending on the storage size, color, and other features. The iPhone XS Max will set you back between $404.33 and $1349. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 costs around $699.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XS Max: What's next?

  The iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XS Max both have great features and capabilities. How much will you spend on this iPhone purchase? While the iPhone 11 is cheaper upfront, it doesn't have as many memory options or storage capacity as the XS Max does.

If you love photography, capture sweet moments, and want a long-lasting battery, then a refurbished iPhone 11 is the best call. For regular calling or social media scrolling, iPhone XS Max can do the job. If you aren't sure what option might be better for your needs right now, we recommend looking into getting refurbished models of either iPhone from Plug Tech. If iPhone XS Max is super, then iPhone 11 is superior.

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