How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

How to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

At times you probably feel the need to watch something from your iPhone on the TV. This is extremely easy if you have Apple TV, but let’s say you do not have Apple TV, is there another option? There is! We will give you the inside scoop on other ways you can mirror your iPhone to a TV without Apple TV. 

AV Adaptor Option 

The first option is to mirror the iPhone to TV with  Apple’s Digital AV Adaptor. This adaptor allows your iPhone to connect to the TV’s HDMI port. If you tend to mirror content on a regular basis this is worth buying! If you would like to mirror the content with any other devices, an HDMI cable will also be needed. All together between the AV adaptor cable ($49) and HDMI cable ($15-$25), you’re all in for about $65-$75 bucks. 

Mirror With Google Chromecast

If you do not happen to own Apple TV but are lucky enough to be a Google Chromecast owner, then you can certainly mirror your iPhone to the TV.  In order to do this, you will first need to download and a Chromecast mirroring app from the app store. Lucky for you, there is an abundance of apps that make this super easy! From there it is a breeze to set up and it is all done over wifi, meaning no cables required! This makes Google Chromecast an excellent alternative. 

Mirroring on Roku TV

Lastly, if Apple TV and Google Chromecast are not available, Roku is also an option to mirror your iPhone to the TV. If you own a Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, or any other Roku device model, then it’s actually very simple to connect to the device from your iPhone. Just like the Chromecast, a third-party app is needed to mirror the iPhone to the TV through Roku, the recommended app is Mirror for Roku by iStreamer. Once you have that all setup, it will give you the option to share your iOS device screen with the TV at the touch of a button!

Mirroring the iPhone Screen to the TV

Mirroring your iPhone to the TV is not as difficult as it once was. Now, with several methods and alternatives to Apple TV, more people can utilize this mirroring feature on smartphones. With that being said, there are no methods that will be completely free, but there are methods that will not break the bank, so that anyone who wants to mirror their iPhone screen to their TV, can do so easily.

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