How to make your refurbished iPhone 12 Feel like Brand New

How to make your refurbished iPhone 12 Feel like Brand New

How to make your refurbished iPhone 12 Feel like Brand New

 At plug we understand the joys of unboxing a brand-new iPhone. What if we told you, we had a way to unbox a new to you device at a fraction of cost of  the brand-new one? That's right! Here at plug we go through the brunt of things to make sure that your refurbished and now certified device feels as fresh as it did when it first came out of the box!

We also have a few pointers of everything that can be done to make this truly feel and look like your device!

All you need to remember are the 3 P's from plug! Personalize, protection, and performance! 


Before we start with the 3 P's we have to make sure that we ensure we are starting with a blank canvas!

Start Fresh with a Factory Reset:
If you want to have the truly "new" experience, perform a factory rest on your refurbished iPhone 12.This process will erase all data and settings, allowing you to set up the device as if it were brand new. Remember to back up your data before resetting.


 Let's being!


Personalizing your iPhone 12! Making it yours can be very satisfying!

 1. Choose a case that reflects you! Start by selecting a case that matches you! Whether you are an avid sports fan rocking your team or a designers with a statement piece, your iPhone 12 can show everyone a glimpse of your personality and style!

2. Change your wallpaper! Make a statement of who you are and what you like by having it be the first thing you see when you pick up your iPhone 12! You can even add live or dynamic wallpaper for adding that special touch!

3. Customize your apps and widgets to have the must have apps that make up you! Whether this is for work or play, the iPhone 12 leaves you a blank canvas to truly make this device feel likes it's always been yours! 


Protecting your investment

1. Apply a screen protector: Adding a high quality screen protector like the tempered glass protector that we have in our iPhone 12 Starter Pack. Having the screen protector on will keep your devices screen clear of any scratches and protect from cracks by enforcing the glass!  

2. Clean your device regularly: Maintain your iPhone 12's pristine appearance by cleaning it periodically with a microfiber cloth and a gentle, alcohol-free cleaning solution. 

3.  Choose protection: While a stylish case adds personality, a protective case will shield your iPhone 12 from accidental drops and impacts. Look for cases with reinforced corners, raised edges, and shock-absorbing materials.

Performance and battery life optimized

1. Update to the latest iOS: This is very easy but also very important to to keep up with. Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS for optimal performance, enhanced security, and access to the latest features. 

2. Adjust settings: By tuning your device to operate the way you need to   like background app refresh, location services, and push notifications to reduce battery drain and optimize performance

3. Keep your apps up-to-date: By keeping your apps up to date you will have the latest features and bug fixes ensuring a seamless experience! 



Perfect fit with the iPhone 12!

With just a few simple steps you can make sure that your certified pre-owned iPhone 12 from plug feels brand new! By personalizing, protecting and performance checks you now have the everything your need to make the certified pre-owned iPhone 12 truly yours!


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