How To Make Edits on iPhone? Enjoy Easily

How To Make Edits on iPhone? Enjoy Easily 

Making edits can be a daunting task if you're new to the iPhone game. But don't worry, we're here to help. This blog will show how to make edits on iPhone in simple steps. Let's jump in!

How To Edit Photos On Your Iphone?

After you record a photo or video, use the tools in the Photos app to edit it on your iPhone. You need to open the photo or video and tap on the 'edit' at the top right corner of the screen. 

It will take you to editing mode. If you are unsatisfied, tap Cancel to revert to the original. iPhone-built photo editor allows you to adjust your image according to your taste.

Understanding The Iphone Editing Process Workflows.

We have divided the editing process into three sections for your convenience and understanding. 

  • The first section includes basic adjustments like exposure, brilliance, highlights, brightness, and contrast. 
  • The second section has plenty of filters. You can apply any filter to your photos or videos. 

The last section includes crop, resizing, and rotation of images. You can rotate your photos and flip them to different desired angles.

Pro Tip:

Once you start editing your photo, it will automatically be replaced by a newly revised image. You can get your original picture through the 'Revert to Original' option, but it is advisable to create a duplicate photo first before editing your photo.

For Duplicate photos, tap on the Share button on the lower-left corner of the screen. Scroll down and tap on 'duplicate.' This will create a duplicate photo, which will remain unchanged when you edit the photo.

Adjust Color, Brightness, And Black Point

If you tap the icon that looks like a volume wheel beneath your photo, you'll find a row of tools for adjusting the image. 

Swipe across to see more options—tap one to select it and use the slider to adjust the levels. You'll see your changes reflected in the photo preview immediately. Here are some options available for editing.

Auto Enhance

This tool automatically adjusts the colors and brightness levels in your photo. Just tap this icon and select the text you want to edit. You are switching it on and turning the icon white.

Adjust individual edits such as color, brightness, and other things. By tapping the adjustment tool icons in the camera app, you can quickly adjust the look of the final photo.


The Exposure tool changes the brightness of your photo by either brightening or darkening it. A camera with more-even exposure affects the highlights more than the shadows. It means that bright tones in your photo are affected more than the dark tones.


The Brilliant tool is a great way to bring out details and make your image look more vibrant. Use the slider to brighten shadows and darken highlights. If you drag left, shadows will get darker, and highlights will get brighter.


Shadows is an incredible, handy photo editing tool that lets you adjust the brightness of only the dark areas. You can drag the slider right to make the shadows brighter or left to make them darker.


Using the Contrast tool in the Photo Editor will help you adjust your image's dark and light tones.

By increasing the contrast, you can make the shadows darker and the highlights lighter. Or drag left to reduce contrast, making the shadows and highlights more similar in tone.

Usually, reducing contrast doesn't produce good results. Changing the contrast, a bit makes your image look sharper. This tool is fantastic because it can keep your colors looking vibrant, but you can also adjust make them darker and more intense.

Black Point

The Black Point tool allows you to brighten just the darkest parts of your picture. Drag the sliders to the right to make the darkest areas appear black. Move the brush to the left if you want your white teeth to look brighter.

Apply Different Filters

If you tap the icon that looks like three overlapping circles, you can add filters. Each of these filters is also accompanied by a slider, which lets you adjust the strength of the filter.

Look for the "filter" button in the bottom left corner. As you select different filters, watch how the colors in your images change.


Being an iPhone user, it is recommended to go for a 'vivid' filter if you want a vibrant look. While if you need some aesthetic view for a portrait or scenery, you may go for the 'Dramatic cool' filter.

Crop, Rotate and Straight

Tap the square cropping icon at the bottom right corner of the window to crop, rotate, or skew your video. The menu screen is a perfect choice for those videos that have accidentally been filmed in the wrong direction.

Auto Crop

You might notice that your image has been automatically straightened and cropped when you open the crop tools.

If your iPhone has applied Auto cropping, it will tell you AUTO in yellow at the top of the screen. If you want to keep your original text, tap the blue ENABLE AUTO button.

3 Quick Ways To Make Edits On An Iphone.

Videoing couldn't be easier with the iPhone's built-in camera, but capturing the raw footage is only half the fun. Video editing software makes it easy to elevate your videos to the next level. 

You'll discover how to add transitions, trim and crop clips, create special effects, etc. Let's dive into three ways you can edit your iPhone videos and turn them into cinematic masterpieces.

Make Simple Edits With The Photos App.

The easiest way for quick edits to your iPhone video is directly within the Photos app. Once you select a video, you can make edits with just a few taps. For example, you can apply filters or adjust elements, such as brightness, saturation, contrast, tint, warmth, and more. 

You can also crop the video and trim its length. Once finished, your iPhone will automatically save the edited video to your Photos library.

Edit Videos With Imovie.

You're looking for an easy-to-use video editor, and iMovie is built right into Apple systems. The movie is straightforward to use. Unlike the Photos app, iMovie allows you to add transitions, titles, and text overlays.

Create Edits With Third-Party Applications.

There are many ways to convert your raw footage into creative videos. Adobe Premiere Rush is one way to do it.

Rush gives you the freedom to add, import, edit, apply presets, and make transitions. Like iMovie, it works between iPhones and Macs, and it works smoothly between them. It also allows for easy control when editing.


To edit images on your iPhone built-in Photos app is a great option. And don't get hammered when you have these great tips and tricks to make great edited photos. And if your plan is to make an iPhone upgrade, then head over to Plug Tech for awesome iPhone deals.