Best iPhone for Preteens?

Best iPhone for Preteens? - ecommsellcom
One of the most difficult decisions parents face today is what age their child should be when they receive their first device and what device they should purchase? The best suggestion for parents with preteens would be an iPhone 7 or 7Plus.


As a parent looking to help your child transition through the stages of becoming a teenager, the iPhone 7 provides an affordable alternative for you to do so. The iPhone 7 includes a lot of the desired features that children look forward to such as fingerprint ID scanner, 3D touch, and Siri while still being almost half the price of the new Apple devices. The iPhone 7 has a variety of colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Jet Black.


Buying the iPhone 7 allows you to have a bit more comfort in the purchase as one of its most key features is its water and dust resistance. Kids are more likely to make mistakes like damaging a device, the iPhone 7’s features limit these risks.


The iPhone 7 also offers parents the ability to select a device based upon its size. With the iPhone 7 being offered in both the standard size and the Plus size parents now can select a device based upon their analysis of their child. The iPhone 7 serves as a great device for older preteens between 11-12 who focus more on social media and texting with friends as it is smaller and more communication friendly. On the other hand, the iPhone 7+ appeals more to younger children who focus on playing apps and watching videos as it itself is a bigger device with much larger screen size.


The most important reason the iPhone 7 is the best selection for preteens because the phone satisfies the child’s needs while still offering easy parental controls. One of the best features the iPhone 7 offers is its location services which give parents the ability to track their child’s exact location without invading their privacy. The iPhone 7 includes Apple Pay as well which allows parents to easily manage money in order to send or receive money without being directly next to their child. Parents are also able to lock out certain apps and websites on their child’s devices in order to ensure that their child is using the device responsibly while staying safe.  This device is the perfect relief for your child’s communication needs while also providing them security.

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