Are Certified pre-owned Devices worth It?

Are Certified pre-owned Devices worth It?

Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and LG, to name a few, release new smartphones nearly every year. Just because a new model comes out each year does not mean you need to buy a brand new device once it’s time to upgrade. Sure, having the newest phone with the best specs to date for a phone seems mandatory, but going with a CPO, the certified pre-owned device could make more sense as it is more of a wallet-friendly option. Nonetheless though, what you buy and where you buy are important variables with any device that is not brand-new. We will help you make this as painless as possible by giving you some tips on how to purchase pre-owned. - certified pre-owned devices 

Differences when Buying 2nd Hand

A few terms that you should be aware of and know the difference between are used phones, refurbished phones, and certified pre-owned phones. Used phones are sold by a private seller, either online or in person. Often, they offer the best discounts, but it comes with the greatest risk. There is virtually no recourse if the device malfunctions post-transaction. Refurbished phones are devices that were used for some time and then returned to the vendor/manufacturer. From there the vendor/manufacturer typically performs diagnostic tests, makes any needed repairs, cleans, and then repackages the device for resale. Lastly, certified pre-owned phones, which are refurbished like stated above, but also come with a limited warranty. The devices are judged by the seller’s technicians to be in factory-quality condition. This type of device offers the highest degree of reassurance! 

Is the Warranty Valid?

Certified pre-owned phones offer the highest degree of reassurance because they come with a limited warranty, which tells the customer they’re covered if something happens to their device! Plug offers a 30 day love it or return it warranty on every device as well as a 12-month exclusive warranty that covers software issues and phone defects. This puts consumers at peace of mind knowing that they have a full calendar year of coverage from the time they purchase their device.

Is Certified Pre-Owned worth the Deal?

With the information provided is dissected, it is easy to see the best option when shopping 2nd hand devices is certified pre-owned. In a world where scamming and bad business ethics seem so prevalent, you want to ensure you’re covered and taken care of. If not, it can be an expensive lesson. Certified pre-owned does this because it comes with a limited warranty that covers the device so you do not need to worry about being out of a phone or money for that matter. For instance, if the device is not compatible with your carrier, instead of being out of luck, you send the device back and get a replacement that is compatible shipped out. Times are hard for many so when considering getting a new device, think certified pre-owned for a wallet-friendly alternative for smartphone shopping.

So what do you guys think? Are Certified Pre-Owned Devices Worth It? 

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