5 Common Myths About Refurbished iPhone 12s Debunked

5 Common Myths About Refurbished iPhone 12s Debunked

5 Common Myths About Refurbished iPhone 12s Debunked


The idea of buying a refurbished iPhone 12 can be appealing for various reasons, such as cost savings and environmental benefits. Consequently, there are several misperceptions surrounding refurbished devices that might scare potential buyers. Today, we'll unplug 5 common myths about refurbished iPhone 12s to help you the most educated choice for you! Let's start unplugging myths and plugging in facts!


Myth 1: Refurbished iPhones Have Poor Performance

🔌 Fact: Refurbished iPhones from respected sellers like plug put their devices through the wringer before they are set to be sold! We start with a detailed inspection, testing, and certification process to make sure our iPhones meet Apple's high-quality standards. This means that a refurbished iPhone 12 will perform as well as a new one. At plug, we only sell certified pre-owned devices that pass our rigorous quality control process! Our team's goal is that you can enjoy a seamless user experience without breaking the bank.


Myth 2: All Refurbished iPhones Have Been Heavily Used

🔌 Fact: Refurbished iPhones can come from various sources, such as open-box returns, demo units, or devices with minor cosmetic issues. Some refurbished devices may have been used for only a short period, while others might not have been used at all. Regardless of their history, all refurbished iPhones at plug are professionally cleaned, inspected, and restored to optimal working conditions.


Myth 3: Refurbished iPhones Are More Likely to Break

🔌 Fact: While it's true that a refurbished iPhone 12 has had a previous life, this doesn't mean it's more prone to breaking. All plug certified iPhones undergo comprehensive testing to ensure they function like new. If that wasn't enough we add our 12-month warranty providing peace of mind and protection for your investment for $0 extra! 


Myth 4: Refurbished iPhones Don't Receive Software Updates

🔌 Fact: Refurbished iPhones are eligible for software updates just like new devices. As long as Apple supports the iPhone 12 model, you'll receive regular updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely. A refurbished iPhone 12 from plug will always have the latest iOS version installed, ensuring you're up to date right out of the box.


Myth 5: Refurbished iPhones Aren't Eco-Friendly

🔌 Fact: Making the choice to buy a refurbished iPhone is an environmentally friendly choice. By extending the life of an existing device, you help reduce electronic waste and conserve the resources needed to manufacture new products. Choosing a refurbished iPhone 12 from plug is a responsible way to the biggest savings and better technology while minimizing your environmental impact.

Did you know that:

“ Refurbished phones not only reduce the need to dig earth for new metals but they also have a much lower carbon footprint. In fact, a single refurbished phone emits 91% less CO2 than a new smartphone. Simply because fundamentally refurbished phones reuse electronics, it allows to:

- preserve natural resources by avoiding the extraction of virgin metals for manufacturing purposes

- reduce the production of waste

- decrease carbon footprint”



Unplugged 5 Common Myths

Now that we've unplugged these common myths about refurbished iPhone 12s, you can confidently consider purchasing a certified pre-owned device from plug. Not only will you save money and enjoy a high-quality user experience, but you'll also contribute to a more sustainable future.



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