Exclusive plug Laptop/Tablet Sleeve

Exclusive plug Laptop/Tablet Sleeve

This Holiday season we will be giving customer who purchase any MacBook over $300 USD one of the exclusive plug laptop/tablet sleeves with their purchase.

Protect Your Device

With our exclusive laptop/tablet sleeve, this will give you complete confidence that your tech is safe and protected. Our case comes in one color, which is black, and this will assist the sleeve in remaining clean and pristine. Say goodbye to all the finger prints, hand sweat and any other smudges or marks that can occur when in transit. 

Zipper Closure

The laptop/tablet sleeves will have high quality zippers that will make opening and closing the sleeve seamless. But what customers love the most about these sleeves is they do not have to worry about loose/unreliable zippers when they are on the road or just at the home to ensure containment of their device. 

Slim Design

When you have something that is lightweight, slim, and doesn't feel like a hassle carrying is always something to be happy about. That is exactly what this laptop/tablet sleeves offers! You'll wonder why you hadn't made the switch to a laptop/tablet sleeve sooner. 


Don't worry, they will be available starting Friday, 10-28 Any MacBook purchase over $300 will ensure you receive one of these bad boys with your purchase! We appreciate the constant support and we wouldn't be able to do any of this without your loyalty. Now, let the Black Fridays deals begin :)

The plug Team



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