The Ultimate Guide to MacBooks for Grad Students

The Ultimate Guide to MacBooks for Grad Students

The Ulitmate Guide for Grad Students: MacBook Edition

     As a graduate college student, having a reliable and powerful laptop is essential to meet the demands of your academic journey. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top MacBooks that cater specifically to the needs of graduate college students. From affordability to performance, we've handpicked a range of options to suit your requirements and budget.


  • MacBook Air 2015 11" - From $199: Ideal for those seeking a compact and budget-friendly option, the MacBook Air 2015 11" offers portability without compromising performance. Its lightweight design and impressive battery life make it perfect for taking notes, conducting research, and staying productive on the go.


  • MacBook Air 2017 13" - From $299: With a larger display and improved performance, the MacBook Air 2017 13" is a step up from its predecessor. Its powerful processor and ample storage capacity allow for seamless multitasking, making it an excellent choice for graduate students who require a bit more power.
  • MacBook Pro 2017 2.3GHz - From $379: For those in need of more processing power, the MacBook Pro 2017 2.3GHz model delivers exceptional performance. Its lightning-fast processor and stunning Retina display make it ideal for tasks that demand higher computational capabilities, such as data analysis, programming, and multimedia editing.
  • MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar - From $499: For the ultimate MacBook experience, the MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar offers an innovative and intuitive interface. The Touch Bar provides quick access to relevant tools, enhancing workflow efficiency. With its powerful specifications and versatile features, this model is perfect for graduate college students pursuing creative disciplines.
  • MacBook Air 2019 - From $549: The MacBook Air 2019 brings a perfect balance of performance and portability. Powered by Apple's reliable hardware, it offers improved speed and enhanced graphics capabilities. Whether you're working on presentations, collaborating on group projects, or attending virtual lectures, this model will support your educational endeavors.


  • MacBook Air M1 - From $699: The MacBook Air M1 revolutionizes the MacBook experience with Apple's groundbreaking M1 chip. This advanced technology delivers unmatched speed, efficiency, and battery life. With its seamless performance and brilliant Retina display, the MacBook Air M1 empowers graduate college students to excel in their academic pursuits. 

Knowlege and tech go hand-in-hand      

Investing in a MacBook that aligns with your specific needs as a graduate college student is crucial for a successful academic journey. Whether you prioritize affordability, power, or a combination of both, the MacBooks recommended in this guide provide a range of options to cater to your requirements. Choose the MacBook that best suits your needs, and embark on your educational endeavors with confidence and efficiency.



The plug team knows that this can be an overwhelming decision. Based on the information we have gathered over time with our customers and found that this starter pack should meet the needs of the avaergae user while still having room to grow into your device!

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