Essentials for Back to School 2022!

Essentials for Back to School 2022!

That time of the year will be here before you know it, so lets set the standard for what is needed to help you excel this upcoming school year. Whatever it is you need, plug will be sure to have something that will fulfill your tech needs.

Back to School Must Haves

When it comes to tech for back to school, you have a ton of options, so the decision isn't as simple as one would think. Again, we are the tech experts so let us steer you in the right direction to ensure this back to school experience is a success. The main items you should keep an eye out for is the MacBook Air 2020, iPad 7th Gen, iPhone 13 Mini and AirPods 3rd Gen

Sleek and Stylish Options 

The absolute must have for the upcoming school year is a powerhouse laptop that is quick with top tier screen resolution. What laptop could that possibly be you may ask? The MacBook Air 2020, this laptop is more than capable of handling anything throw at it. For starters, the 13-inch display is perfect for those who don't want too big of a display or too little of a display. Sleek, stylish, and lightweight, what isn't there to love about a laptop that checks all those boxes. Not to mention, the breath taking display will be sure to wow all your classmates! Don't worry though, we do have smaller options such as the iPad 7th Gen available too. 

Lightweight Tech 

When it comes to tech people do not want super heavy and bulky equipment, so that is why an iPad would be a great option for back to school as it only weighs roughly a pound. With iPads you can purchase a keyboard attachment and it can basically serve as a laptop for you. Other notable things to add about the 7th Gen iPad is that it has a 10.2-inch retina display and an A10 fusion chip. Lastly, they do offer just Wi-Fi or Cellular and Wi-Fi options for these devices, so the possibilities are endless! Should we finally get to the good stuff? iPhone 13 mini anyone?

Smartphone Powerhouse 

The iPhone 13 mini is perfect for those who are wanting the latest and greatest device with the most up to date specs. With this device, you will feel as if you have the world at the palm of your hand, but who wouldn't when you have a A15 bionic chip, Super Retina XDR display and dual 12 MP cameras. Full disclose: plug has these right now for a steal, so what are you waiting for? Lastly, the most essential back to school item is AirPods 3rd Gen

Fan Favorite

 The AirPods 3rd Gen do not need much of an introduction, but incase you need a refresher we got you. AirPods 3rd Gen have  transparency mode, and spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. With these options, these make the AirPods the front contender for wireless headphones that wont break the bank. Here at plug we make sure no purchase is out of reach that is why we provide Klarna as a payment plan option to ensure you're able to make ends meet for Back to School!


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